ESPN (Entertainment and also Sports Programming Network) is an American satellite/cable sports TV channel. Headquartered in Bristol, it also runs offices in various other USA cities.

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The present ESPN logo design has remained in use since 1985. The logo design is the acronym composed in a highly contemporary signature font. The top components of the letters are separated from the rest of that by a gap and also aligned to match the remaining part. The simplicity of design leaves no doubt about the ESPN logo’s effectiveness. Many frequently, the acronym come in white ~ above a red background or angry versa. Red symbolizes passion and power; white denotes purity and excellence.

Who own ESPN?ESPN, among the USA’s most popular cable tv channels, committed to sports, is own by The Walt Disney agency and Hearst Corporation.

1979 — 1985

The very first ESPN argorial was created in 1979 and also had not much in usual with the emblem us all understand today. The initial logo design was composed of stylized dark red lettering in bold lines, with directly cuts and rounded angles. The inscription was put on a white background and also enclosed right into a horizontally stretched oval, executed in a thick line of a luxurious terracotta color.

1985 — Today

The redesign the 1985 introduced a new concept of the ESPN logo, and this time the badge ended up being a perfect enjoy of the energy and also a character of the world’s renowned sports network. The stylized scarlet red inscription with vast futuristic sans-serif letters, contempt slanted come the right, has actually a white horizontal line citing in ~ above its top part, together a depiction of movement and dynamics.

Symbol: publish version

While the digital ESPN symbol combines red, black, and white, the print version is different. Acquisition into consideration that in plenty of cases, the black-and-white shade palette is the just one possible in print, the firm suggests utilizing the black color lettering top top the white background.

Evolution the the emblem

The first ESPN logo design was presented on July 14, 1978, yet it was just on September 7, 1979, that it was first included in television programs.

The initial emblem featured the letters “ESPN” in a rather muted the shade of red. The design was inserted into a white ellipse v a thick orange border.

The existing emblem was developed in 1985. While there’s much more motion and also dynamism in it than in the vault version, we deserve to still view a attach with the heritage logo. For instance, the is pretty apparent in the shape of the letters, specifically the “S” and also “P.”


The 1985 logo was inspired by the typeface referred to as Stop, which to be designed in 1971 by Aldo Novarese, a prolific kind designer who was functioning for the form foundry Nebiolo at the time.

However, the writer of the logo design didn’t leaving the font as it was. Having chosen the many impactful part, the white punch on the “E,“ the designer developed the logo design on the basis. The white hit was lengthy and now lasted v all the letters. The shape of the glyphs to be of food modified come fit the brand-new visual concept.

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Generic as it is, the bright shade of red is unbeatable in its expressive, lively nature and also the stress and anxiety it add to to any design.