Is there any details word for a human whose companion (love) has passed away? choose he/she is maintaining lonely now, crying or quiet all the time because they miss their dead partner.



Bereaved (of a person) greatly saddened at being deprived by fatality of a love one

Merriam-Webster: experiencing the fatality of a loved one

Cambridge: civilization who room sad due to the fact that someone close come them has died

Oxford: be deprived of a love one v a extensive absence, especially due to the loved one’s death

"Just due to the fact that we"re bereaved doesn"t make us saps!" - Walter, The large Lebowski


Possibly a widow.

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a mrs who has lost she spouse by death and also has no remarried


As Hugh pointed out below, a man who has actually lost his wife and not remarried would be a widower.


a guy who has actually lost his spouse through death and also has no remarried



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