You"ve functioned as a babysitter all through your teens, yet now it"s time to apply for a full-time job. You"re most likely wondering what some experienced words are for babysitting to put on your resume.

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What"s a experienced word for babysitting? Some different words for babysitter that sound an ext professional are: caregiver, governess, nanny, au pair, child-care worker, day-care provider, mother"s helper, and guardian. Return it"s also okay to simply put "babysitter" on her resume when applying for entry-level positions.

In this article, I"ll share part professional-sounding alternate words because that babysitting to placed on your resume.


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What"s one more Word because that Babysitting?

You just acquired out the high college or college, and now you"re prepared to uncover a much more stable, full time office job or part other job-related besides babysitting.

Perhaps the only work you did together a teen was babysitting. It have the right to definitely carry out enough of a steady earnings for a teenager the there"s no have to look for other jobs!

But now that you"re placing your resume together, you might feel prefer you"re a bit brief on occupational experience. And you concern that a prospective employer may judge you because that it, or overlook you for the project entirely!

Not to worry. There space some other experienced words because that babysitting that you have the right to put on her resume instead!

You likewise shouldn"t it is in ashamed to simply list babysitting on your resume either. No issue what title you give yourself, chances are an excellent that you"ve acquired some excellent an abilities and credentials. You looked after children, kept them safe, managed a family while parents to be away, and also lots more.

Still, a catchy task title on your resume deserve to really make you stand out. So below are some other words because that babysitting to consider using instead.

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Caregiver deserve to work on her resume together a good general catch-all term because that the tasks that you do during babysitting.

The an interpretation is anyone who looks after ~ a child, or a disabled, elderly, or noble person. Therefore it can be a much more broad term than simply babysitter, and also an employer might look upon it as a much more professional project title than simply babysitter.


A nanny is a human who provides care for children in their own home. However, they usually space employed full-time and only work for a solitary family.

That"s a contrast to babysitters, who frequently work part-time hrs only throughout evenings and also weekends approximately their schoolwork and also other duties.

Especially if you"re applying for other jobs related to childcare, someone that has operated as a nanny can appear much more professional than someone who was a babysitter. For this reason if girlfriend babysat specifically for one family full-time, it"s no unreasonable to contact yourself a nanny!


The ax governess is mostly only used in the UK and is a little outdated in other places. You might still desire to think about putting the on her resume if it provides sense though.

A governess is less concentrated on caring for children like a nanny, and also mostly encounters training and also teaching children.

If you invested a the majority of your babysitting time tutoring, climate governess might be a an ext professional word come consider.

For example, if you choose the children up after school each day, and then assisted them work on their homework for a couple of hours till their parents got home. In the case, girlfriend were giving childcare but also a far-ranging portion the your function involved education.

Au Pair

Everything sounds a little fancier once it"s french, doesn"t it?

An au pair is most frequently a young human who move to one more country to assist out v childcare and housework in exchange because that a place to live.

If you"ve relocated from another country to aid a host household look after their home and also babysit their kids, climate you"re one au pair!

Depending on wherein you live, being an au pair might mean various things. In Europe generally au pairs are part-time workers who are also studying abroad. In the joined States, gift an au pair deserve to be more of a permanent childcare provider role.

Daycare Provider

Do girlfriend babysit youngsters during the day when their parents are at work? then you can take into consideration yourself a daycare provider!

It doesn"t issue if you watch multiple youngsters or only one kid at a time. Although normally a daycare provider will certainly watch youngsters in their very own home, as opposed to in ~ the family"s house.

Read mine Is Babysitting thought about Work Experience? short article to discover some marketable an abilities that babysitters have, and how to put them on her resume.

Mother"s Helper

If friend don"t have much other experience to put on her resume but don"t prefer the job title the babysitter, maybe you desire to call yourself a mother"s helper instead.

A mother"s helper is frequently a young babysitter who helps parents the end while the parental is still in ~ home. Because that example, the parent can be working from house or studying and needs who to store their kid occupied. However they"re still about if girlfriend run right into problems.

Personally I choose the sound of avestor a little better. Yet if you"ve excellent both roles for different families, you could constantly put both on her resume as well!

Childcare Worker

This is another general term the can apply to a lot of various things.

Anybody who supervises kids and also keeps them safe, prepares meals, teaches, or any type of other variety of activities involving kids can call themselves a childcare worker.

I will caution that while this might sound much more professional than babysitting, it can additionally throw up some red flags because that a potential employer. Specifically if you"re 16 year old and also calling yourself a childcare worker.

Expect employers come ask precisely what your duty as a childcare worker involved. Just use this location if you"re okay with the fact coming the end that you"re a "glorified babysitter" or have the right to really talk up the childcare solutions that friend offered!


A guardian is someone that is responsible for an additional person who can"t regulate their own affairs. For example, children or someone that is disabled.

However, in some locations this term can have some legal connotations attached come it, therefore I would certainly be an ext cautious around using it. Even though babysitters have physical custody end the children they watch, many are not considered legal guardians.

Parents can finish paperwork come specifically permit babysitters to make permanent decisions for their kid though. View my short article Can a Babysitter take a son to the Doctor? (How to approve Permission) to learn more.

Include Relevant skills In Your task Description

When it comes to designing your resume, your description about each job function is even an ext important 보다 what location you offer yourself.

One person can list "babysitter" on their resume, but give a really superior explanation that the duties they performed. Another person might write "daycare provider"instead but carry out a boring, generic rundown of the job.

Which one is more likely to impress a potential employer? The an initial one, of course!

An employee is almost always spring for specific qualities in a human that do them the ideal candidate for the job. Try to uncover those attributes in the job posting, and then customize her resume to deal with what they"re feather for.

You should target your resume specifically for every employer. However remember, store it honest! girlfriend don"t want to lie or exaggerate on what you"ve actually done.

Try to include as many action verbs like organized, maintained, etc to her job description as possible.

Time monitoring is a good skill to highlight. As a babysitter, there space a lot of means that you"ve managed your time successfully. Friend schedule appointments and show increase on time. You prepare meals at the appropriate times. Friend plan activities for kids. And if you"re the end at the playground, friend make sure to get earlier home before the parental arrive.

Time monitoring is a extremely valued skill that shows employers you have a most independence and also reliability.

Have friend tutored or helped children with your homework as part of your regular babysitting duties? climate you have the right to say the you"ve gained training or teaching suffer too.

Try come think of other babysitting skills like problem resolution, business skills, or others that could relate come the task you"re applying for together well.

For a complete list of skills that babysitters deserve to learn top top the job, check out my article: 29 skills You deserve to Learn indigenous Babysitting (And Why They"re so Valuable).

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You may have always considered yourself as a babysitter. But there can be various other job titles that could use as well!

Calling you yourself a childcare provider or caregiver deserve to lend a much more professional tone to her resume. Therefore don"t be fear to give yourself a little bit of a project title upgrade, as long as you fit the proper criteria!

Don"t forget to encompass a persuasive description for your function too. Emphasize an abilities like time management and conflict resolution that you deserve to learn together a babysitter, yet which use to most other jobs too.

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