The Gigantamax variation of Butterfree is bringing ago the classic Pokémon, so here"s just how to add one to her team in knife & Shield.

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taking leave Bye Butterfree? much more like, hello hello Butterfree, am ns right? because we"re walk to catch one... So, it"s like... Not goodbye... Okay.

detect a Caterpie in Pokémon Sword & Shield is luckily a pretty straightforward task the you should have actually absolutely no problem with. The Caterpie heat is not exclusive to either version of the games, definition that this guide is walking to work-related for both Sword and Shield.

The Hunt

The just route that you"re walk to have the ability to find Caterpie top top in these gamings is going to be course 1 as a non-overworld encounter, which... Fine that"s straightforward enough. If you"re feeling brave and would choose to hit a giant bug, then you can take top top Caterpie in a Max Raid Battle. If you"re looking to take on Caterpie in this method, girlfriend can find it in leg Field, Dappled Grove, South Lake Miloch, and also Rolling Fields. Caterpie is pretty obtainable either means that you"d like to go around capturing it.

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just how To Evolve Caterpie

Caterpie evolves into Metapod in ~ level 7, and also from there, evolves right into Butterfree in ~ level 10.

Caterpie"s evolution, Metapod, can not be uncovered on course 1, yet can be discovered in every one of the same areas for Max Raid Battles. Talk about a miserably lengthy Max Raid Battle. What go Dynamax Harden also do? one of two people way, you"re no interested in Metapod. Nobody is. Butterfree, on the other hand, is one come pay attention to.

The actual Target - Gigantamax Butterfree

Butterfree is easily the most abundant of the line in Sword & Shield, being easily accessible in many of different sections of the Wild Area. Friend can find it together a common encounter in Slumbering Weald, roll Fields, east Lake Axwell, and Giant"s Mirror. If you"re looking for a normal Max Raid Battles, you can discover it in every one of Caterpie"s locations, follow me with East Lake Axewell, Giant"s Cap, and also Hammerlocke Hills. This varieties is not at all a complicated one come find. However, us all know what you"re really below for.

If you"re spring to encounter a Butterfree that is capable of Gigantamaxing right into G-Max Butterfree, you"re walk to should take the on in a Max Raid battle at rolling Fields. That is the only ar that you"ll be able to encounter a Gigantamax qualified Butterfree, for this reason prioritize your looking for the types there, as common Butterfrees... Why? Why would certainly you ever?

take Your huge Butterfly to War

once you record your G-Max Butterfree, you"re walk to desire to teach that the ideal moves because that battle. The just Butterfree that"s yes, really going to be competitive is the G-Max version. G-Max Butterfree is capable of the relocate G-Max Befuddle. Of course, its damage output is based on whichever of the many an insect type moves that it come from, but it has actually a great secondary impact of inflicting the foe with paralysis, sleep, or poison, guaranteeing a weakened foe once you go back to normal form. Some good moves for Butterfree to discover are Pollen Puff and Hurricane, yet a more support-oriented set could learn protect or fury Powder.

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