Like the males the 97 percent of every bird species, a rooster does not have a penis. An incubated egg that will come to be a rooster beginning to construct a penis, but early in the 2nd week of embryonic development, a cell death protein referred to as Bmp4 cloaks the incipient penis, bring about it to stop developing and instead remain as a rudimentary nub.

So exactly how do chicken eggs get fertilized?

The rooster and hen kiss!But not through their beaks.The rooster injects sperm right into a hen by pressing his vent against hers in a process known together the cloacal kiss. The cloaca is the chamber just inside the vent where the digestive, urinary, and also reproductive tracts end.The rooster’s cloaca includes two small nipples (papillae) at the ends of the two ducts that move semen from the rooster’s testes. The testes are concealed inside the rooster, near his backbone, and look choose a pair of large white beans. To move semen into a hen, the two cloacal papillae offer as the rooster’s mating organs.During a cloacal kiss, the hen squats. The rooster does a balancing action on her back, and when whatever is functioning right, the hen lifts her tail up and to one side, when the rooster bends his tail downward because that a rapid kiss.A rooster can manage how much semen he releases every time, allowing him to reserve some for another hen. The rooster deserve to thus spread his genes amongst a greater variety of hens.A hen has some to speak in whether or no she’s willing to it is in kissed through a details rooster. She have the right to run away, or just fail come squat. Roosters, gift larger and also stronger, occasionally win anyway. But a hen deserve to have the critical laugh, by simply squirting the end the semen the a rooster that doesn’t fulfill her approval.Assuming the hen is ready to lay eggs fertilized by an amorous rooster, she shop his semen in she sperm glands, consist of of numerous storage tubules situated at the point of the uterus and also vagina. Fat droplets transferred from the hen’s cell to the sperm cells ensure the rooster’s sperm continues to be viable for numerous days. As soon as a hen lays one egg, the hormone progesterone root cause the release of several of the save on computer sperm come fertilize the following egg she will lay.

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Like tiny tadpoles, released sperm wiggle increase the oviduct to reach the next arising yolk. In this way, lot of eggs have the right to be fertilized by a single mating, till the sperm is either provided up or loses viability.With 19 billion chickens in the human being we have all the evidence we need that roosters have actually no trouble procreating in spite of their lack of a penis.And it is today’s news from the Cackle Coop.Gail Damerow, author, The Chicken health and wellness Handbook