In the days before the people was so readily connected — prior to the Internet, round-the-clock news stations, telephones and also radio — humans relied top top the natural world about them to do predictions about the future and help guide their choices. This meant listening to nature and looking approximately the heavens for ideas from the stars. Numerous starry superstitions date earlier thousands that years. Some are motivated by pagan customs and also other ancient religions, while others are more recent. From agriculture to sailing, native love come luck, the stars have actually long to be shrouded in superstition. Read on come learn just how studying the stars in the skies can reveal important beliefs.

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10: hand to Yourself



If you"re wondering even if it is it will rain in the coming days, check out the constellation Cancer. For thousands of years, civilization have relied ~ above Cancer"s Beehive star swarm to guess a storm. Superstition has actually it that as soon as the skies is clear however the Beehive is an overwhelming to discern, rain is sure to monitor .

4: Stars at Sea

Like farmers, fishermen and other seafarers have actually their very own star-related superstitions. Through observing the direction the a shoot star travels, sailors deserve to predict which way the winds will certainly blow — helpful information for when instruments go down, or for those the end at sea in old times .

The north Star has always served together a powerful navigating tool at sea, permitting sailors to calculate latitude and also determine the correct course to reach their destination. Sailors also believe that a glimpse that the north Star is an excellent luck because it method their ship is close come home. In more recent times, seafarers have actually been known to court luck v tattoos of the north Star as a method of delivering on this ancient tradition.

3: Let that Rain

Wondering even if it is it will certainly rain soon? asking the male in the moon. Superstition dictates that observing just how stars are positioned in relation to rings around the moon can assist you predict the weather. A ring around the moon v a solitary star located inside means clear weather ahead. If girlfriend spot more than one star inside the ring, you have the right to count the stars to recognize how countless rainy job will occur in the coming week.

Different cultures have their very own variations the this superstition. In some components of the unified States, a ring about the moon with two stars inside way that rain is coming within of two days. Rather equate seven stars about the moon, because that instance, as a prediction that seven hours of rain will certainly follow .

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2: make It Count

Counting the stars might be a an excellent way come pass the time on a clear night, however superstitious folks need to skip count in favor of various other pastimes. Counting the stars has always been thought about a surefire way to lug on bad luck, and some legends state the if you effort to count the stars in the sky, you"ll die once you with 100 . Some think that this superstition trunk from old people who worshipped the sun, moon and stars, if others controversy it"s a much more recent tradition .

Of course, with at least 200 billion stars in the galaxy, it"s most likely that you"d dice of natural causes well before you can get really far right into your count, lending this superstition an waiting of credibility .

1: Love in the Stars

It"s well established that attempting to count the stars can be unlucky or also fatal, yet one superstition holds the it"s ok to count under very specific circumstances. According to folklore, just an unmarried human being looking because that love have the right to keep a tally. Also in this case, the unmarried person can count a preferably of 7 stars on seven consecutive nights. If you do this, the first person the your wanted sex the you shower hands with on the eighth work is the one you"ll marry. For those struggling to discover the one, that seems favor a harmless way to no only find love, but likewise a chance to lastly count the stars without fear of inviting bad luck right into your life .