The arrow is a prominent symbol through a story reaching earlier to the dawn that humankind. During hunter-gatherer times, arrows to be a primitive, refined tool and weapon that meant the difference between life and death. When arrows have actually evolved along with humanity, they space now vital symbol of warrior strength and also courage. Fairly than exclusively serving a useful purpose, arrows space decorative ornaments featured in jewelry, decor, and also even body art.

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Often paired v a bow, the arrowhead in that purest type is a way to an end. Even if it is employed to defend against predators or used to hunt food, arrows space a sacred relic that our ancestral history. Despite their historical origins, arrows are simply as common today as in old times, although their function has readjusted dramatically with the ages.

The oldest arrow to date is said to have originated over ten thousand years ago. If the majority of united state no much longer equip ourselves with arrows for defense or to record our dinner-- they"ve handled a brand-new life. Still, these pointed signs remain significant in modern culture and society.

The Anatomy of the Arrow

When girlfriend think of one arrow, friend are most likely narrowing your emphasis to a single, straight object. However, arrows save three unique parts, each entirely dependent ~ above the various other to role correctly:

An arrowhead


The shaft

When referring to an arrow, most minds instinctively gravitate in the direction of the sharp end, i beg your pardon is the arrowhead, otherwise taken into consideration the reminder of the arrow.

As her eyes travel towards the tail end of the arrow, you"ll come across the shaft, or foundation, of the arrow. Then, at the opposite finish of the arrowhead are the fletchings.

The fletchings drive the wind and propel the arrow forward. We"ve spanned the purpose and design the arrows, however that"s only scratching the surface of the deep waters of arrowhead symbolism.

The 5 Main interpretations of Arrows

Arrows represent an array of meanings, every versatile and unique. With a character far-ranging as an arrow, it"s straightforward to check out why therefore many world adore this dynamic symbol. Also if you don"t subscribe to this symbolism, arrowhead jewelry and accessories make distinctive gifts!

The 5 most prominent symbolism because that arrows are:

Abundance and also sustenance

Following your dreams

Forward movement

Safety and protection

Shooting for the stars

Abundance and also Sustenance

Remember the hunter-gatherer id where earliest humankind devised arrows to capture their meals? It"s this technique of sustenance that still holds load in contemporary society. The idea is that the an ext attention and gratitude channeled toward an arrow, the an ext abundant her life would certainly be. This symbolism tho reigns valid v arrows. Sure, most modern-day societies don"t depend on arrows come eat, yet they continue to be stalwart signs of abundance and also prosperity. You might equip yourself v a comfortable job, home and also salary to feed your family, and an arrow symbolizes that modern adaptation that survival, wellbeing, and also successfully obtaining the most basic, carnal needs.


Following your Dreams

For numerous people, arrows represent a glowing future where any kind of dream is attainable. After ~ all, girlfriend shoot an arrow at a target, right? Well, in the universal, increased perspective of symbolism, the arrowhead is the intention and the finish goal, or target, is a dream. Your desires live top top the horizon of her life, and also they space waiting for you come shoot for them. Arrow jewelry is one means of mirroring that no matter what, you"ve gained your dreams in mind, and also you"re embarking ~ above the trip to acquire them.

Forward Motion

Arrows room a mobile, fluid device. A tremendous effort of backward movement catapolts an arrow forward, driving at an increased rate toward a target. While retrograde activity is frequently misconstured as a "setback," it"s this really counter-propulsion that sets an arrowhead on that forward-moving path. If you feeling stuck, wearing arrowhead jewelry will remind you that you"re never genuinely stagnant, you can constantly push forward.

Safety and Protection

In primitive times arrows were used as hunting tools, but additionally as a means of protection. If ever before danger approached, an arrowhead served together a weapon to defend against predators. Today, arrows represent protection and safety against an unfavorable energy, spiritual evil, and any celestial risk infringing ~ above a person"s wellbeing.


Wearing an arrowhead pendant, bracelet or even earrings reminds the wearer the no issue what, they can conjure the strength and vigilance to safeguard themselves from potential threats.

And if an arrow pendant won"t safeguard from physics danger, it have the right to equip you with symbolic protection against unwanted an adverse energy.

Shooting because that the Stars

Similar to following dreams on a forward moving path, arrows additionally depict the notion of shooting because that the stars. Rapidly zooming with time and also space, arrows charter a course because that the twinkling light of the stars. V the celestial map of billions that stars twinkling overhead, arrows offer as her compass top top the journey of dreams, spirituality, and also purpose.

Popular arrow Jewelry Items

As you have the right to gather, arrows are far-reaching symbols that represent dreams, desires and needs. It"s the dynamic interplay of straightforward necessity and divine vision that provides arrows a universally lover symbol.

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It should come as no surprised then that arrows are among the most renowned shapes supplied in jewelry! While there is a myriad of colorful designs, they every funnel down to seven recurring styles.

While every retains the own unique style, girlfriend may uncover yourself an ext drawn to part than others. The many popular arrow jewelry formats are:

A Looped arrowhead - if a straight arrow depicts precision, a looped arrowhead signifies the obstacles and hurdles people face in life

Hearts and also Arrows - These combine passion with love, denote cupid shot his arrowhead through the heart of two star-crossed lovers

Two Arrows Criss-Crossed - This is the price of friendship and also close bonds, with each arrowhead representing a person

A Twisted arrowhead - these round, twisted arrows stand for mobility, fluidity and also movement

An arrowhead Pulled behind - This method you are standing at the foot of her dreams and also ready come launch forward

Downward Pointing Arrows, which signify peace and also contentment

Infinity Arrows - This symbol consists of an arrow in the form of the infinity figure-8, representing boundless potential and also possibilities