You may have seen that spelled Asé, Ashe or Axé. Girlfriend may have heard someone yell it out at an event or after ~ a prayer. You may have actually wondered exactly how to express it and what it means exactly, or this might be your very very first exposure to the word, and also you’re wonder the really same thing. Relax. Take it a deep breath. And also prepare come say Asé once you complete reading this.

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Asé (pronounced Ah-Shay) is an afri word from the Yoruba language, which source in the nation of Nigeria. Asé way three very important things:

#1 (And the many widely known meaning)- Asé is a word of affirmation, similar to the word ‘Amen’ in ~ the finish of a prayer. That means, “Right on!” “Yes!” “I’m v you!” “I deserve to dig it.” So when someone states something friend like, to speak Asé loud and also proud, because that it is certainly not a meek and also retiring word. The is interlocutor and powerful and affirms out loud that which resonates in your heart as true. Asé?

#2 Asé is a native that method life force or life energy, similar to the principle of Prana in Sanskrit or Qi in Asia. Each person comes into this life with a certain amount the life force, which deserve to be increased or decreased throughout our lives, depending on our choices. For example, an unfavorable thoughts and actions have the right to decrease her life force and also positive thoughts and also actions deserve to increase it. In the Yoruba culture, the is stated that our Ancestors carry us the Asé. Those that have actually come prior to us have generated for us and leave behind for united state a specific gravitas that becomes our Asé in this lifetime. Similarly, ours descendants, those that come after ~ us, boost our Asé as they assist increase our bloodline and therefore our influence on this Earth.

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#3 (And possibly the most essential meaning)- Asé means the strength to develop that which friend speak. As we’ve currently discussed, Asé way life force, so it renders sense then that you are including life pressure onto every word the comes the end of her mouth. This is among the numerous reasons it is vital to be careful of what you space saying. That is command to pick your native wisely and also intentionally. If you just realized how much Asé you have to produce that which friend speak, friend would come to be much an ext aware of the native you add your life pressure to.

So the following time girlfriend hear something the moves you under to your soul, the following time girlfriend contemplate the influence your power has top top the world, or the next time you great to manifest something by speaking it right into existence, end up it off by saying “Asé” with every one of your Asé!