“Begin with the end in Mind.”This is a quote indigenous Stephen Covey and it is Habit # 2 that The 7 actions of Highly effective People.I was freshly reminded of this quote through a post on Twitter and also it to win me…this is crucial thinking for Project managers and, in fact, all company professionals who have actually responsibility for success in some facet of their existence.Begin with the finish in mind.

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“Begin v the end in Mind way to start each day, task, or job with a clean vision the your wanted direction and destination, and then continue by flexing your proactive muscle to make points happen.”This is directly from the 7 habits book.In my opinion, this applies to both the task view and the everyday view that what a project manager is increase against.

Daily View

First, let’s look in ~ the daily view.From a day-to-day standpoint, the pm is interested in perfect tasks, distribution status, communication and updates and getting come the end allude of the day through both the shipment team and the customer team fine informed and the appropriate progress make on the existing tasks.


Now, go that typical that every solitary day the PM needs an update on every single active task?

No, ns don’t think so.

That would certainly be overkill.

However, the critical tasks and the work that might be in peril of resulting in the task timeline or budget to slide – usually what’s warm right now and also what’s at danger – have to be watched daily.

At the end of the day, those room the work that the PM, the distribution team, and also the client team require to understand are gift taken treatment of and are still in alignment through the as whole project goals and also timeline.

Project View

From a task view standpoint, the finish goals have already been collection in the sales process, reviewed in theKickoffsession and also well recorded in theStatement that Work.

And, of course, the finish goals room laid the end in information in the project plan that is gift revised and delivered every week and reviewed as part of a formal weekly standing meeting through the customer.


Everything that happens top top the project requirements to it is in looked at v the project’s finish goals in mind.That includes worries that come up, threats that are reviewed and hopefully mitigated, and definitely any potential scope issues that arise.All scope problems must be reviewed in detail and analyzed come ensure that extr work that must be carry out is still in alignment through the project’s end goals and also the customer’s “to-be” company processes.

If project changes in the kind of readjust orders space not in alignment v the finish goals the the project, climate the SOW should go back for comprehensive review come ensure that these potential changes are not moving the shipment team and the customer turn off track leaving everyone with an end solution that, once implemented, will certainly not fulfill the customer’s needs and goals for the project.

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It is an essential to no be blind once the task is underway.It’s basic to get bogged down with the daily tasks of regulating a project and also developing and implementing the customer solution.What’s sometimes hard is preserving the high-level see of the project’s finish goals and also ensuring that the last solution is still aligns v the customer’s wants and also needs.