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a combining form meaning “twice,” “two,” used in the formation of link words: bifacial; bifarious.

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All words other than biennial introduce to durations of time and also prefixed by bi-1 are potentially ambiguous. Since bi- can be taken to typical either “twice each” or “every two,” a word choose biweekly deserve to be understood as “twice each week” or “every two weeks.” To prevent confusion, the is much better to use the prefix semi- to median “twice each” ( semiannual; semimonthly; semiweekly ) or the phrase twice a or double each ( twice a month; double a week; twice every year ), and also for the other sense to usage the expression every 2 ( every 2 months; every two weeks; every 2 years ).

Other meanings for bi (5 that 5)

variant the bio-, especially before a vowel: biopsy.


What does bi- mean?

Bi- is a combining form used choose a prefix, and also it method “two” or “twice.” it is often used in clinical terms, yet it crops up in everyday language together well.

Bi- originates from Latin bis, an interpretation “twice, doubly.” The Greek tantamount of this combining type is di-, together in diacid.

What room variants of bi-?

Bi- is regarded the combining type bin– and also is used with some words or word facets beginning with vowels. These two develops have similar origins, and for the reason, the difference in between the two is a small yet necessary nuance: bi- often method “twice,” when bin- typically means “double.”

Want to know more? review our native That usage bin- article.

Examples of bi-

An instance of a word you may have encountered that attributes bi- is biannual, which have the right to mean one of two people “occurring double a year” or “occurring every 2 years.”

Confused? You’re not alone! when it comes to indicating dates on the calendar, bi- likes to have actually it both ways, as it were. Find out some advice on using biannual and other tricky terms favor biweekly here.

We understand bi- means “twice,” yet what around the -annual portion of the word? friend guessed it: -annual way “yearly,” indigenous Latin annuālis. Biannual literally equates to “twice yearly.”

What room some words that use the combining type bi-?

The complying with words usage the equivalent forms of bi- in Latin:

What space some other develops that bi- may be generally confused with?

There are plenty of words that start with the letter bi-, such together bias, that carry out not use the combining form bi- to signify “two.” discover what words choose bias and also bilk mean at ours entries because that these words.

Break that down!

Humans, like many animals, are taken into consideration bipeds. The combining type -ped way “(having a) foot.” with this in mind, what is the literal meaning of biped?

Words pertained to bi

epicene, androgynous, gynandrous, hermaphroditic, intersexual, monoclinous, gay, ambidextrous, switch-hitting

How to usage bi in a sentence

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British lifwynnfoundation.org meanings for bi (1 that 5)

/ (baɪ) /
adjective, noun
slang short for bisexual (def. 1), bisexual (def. 6)

British lifwynnfoundation.org meanings for bi (2 the 5)

the web domain surname for

British lifwynnfoundation.org meanings for bi (3 of 5)

the chemical symbol for

British lifwynnfoundation.org definitions for bi (4 of 5)


sometimes before a vowel bin-

combining form
two; having twobifocal
occurring every two; lasting because that twobiennial
on both sides, surfaces, directions, etcbilateral
occurring twice duringbiweekly
denoting one organic link containing two similar cyclic hydrocarbon systemsbiphenyl (rare in technical usage) describe an acid salt that a dibasic acidsodium bicarbonate

Word beginning for bi-

from Latin, indigenous bis twice

British lifwynnfoundation.org definitions for bi (5 of 5)

combining form
a different of bio-

Medical meanings for bi (1 of 3)

bi- 22
Variant ofbio-

Medical meanings for bi (2 of 3)

bi- 11
Both sides, parts, or directions:biconcave.
Containing twice the relationship of a stated chemical aspect or group crucial for stability:bicarbonate.
Containing two chemical atoms, radicals, or groups:biphenyl.

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Medical definitions for bi (3 of 3)

The symbol for the elementbismuth

Scientific definitions for bi

The symbol because that bismuth.


buskverb (used without object) | SEE DEFINITION
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