dumm·kopf. Informal a stupid person; blockhead. Beginning of dummkopf. German. MLA Style.

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Moreover, go dummkopf typical in German?

Dummkopf. You are fool noun. Idiot, Trottel, Schwachkopf, Schwachsinnige, Blödian. Bonehead noun.

Secondly, what go the German word Dunkoff mean? noun. A stupid person; dumbbell; blockhead.

In respect to this, what is the German word for dummy?

an ext German words for dummy. Die Attrappe noun. Sham. Der Schnuller noun. Pacifier.

Is dummkopf a bad word?

Dummkopf – Sh*thead Literally translated to "stupid head," that sounds quite childish when it comes to English insults. However, as soon as augmented come English, that is a pretty strong swear.

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What does shiza average in German?

Shiza, literally, way nothing in German, as in - of food - the it holds no meaning. Speak shiza come a German human being will warrant you an strange look, and also possibly one insult.

What is a Schweinhund?

"Schweinhund" is a German word. "It means "pig-dog". Because that a German the is extremely offensive. My husband phoned the police straight away, since I to be close come tears." granny Hurst, who has been a magistrate in Spalding for four years, denied she to be "oversensitive", insisting: "It was so offensive.

How perform you curse in German?

German swear Words, Slang, Phrases, Curses, Insults, Colloquialisms and Expletives!
Deine Mutter schwitzt beim Kacken – Your mother sweats when she s%#
s. Deine Oma masturbiert ns stehen! – your grandma masturbates stand up! Klugscheißer – bogmouth/know-all/smart aleck. Ich ficke Katzen – Your mom stinks like fish.

What walk Doom sneeze mean?

The German indigenous "dummkopf" (doom-cough) means "stupid head" in English and also is provided to describe an ignorant person. It is similar to the English word "numbskull."

What are some words in German?

German word list for everyday conversation
English German together
You"re welcome. Bitte. Bitt-er
Here is/are Hier ist/sind heer ist/zint
Hello/Good morning/afternoon. Hallo/Guten Morgen/Tag. Hal-lo/goot-en mor-gen/targ
Hello/Good evening.

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Hallo/Guten Abend. Hal-lo/goot-en ar-bent

What go the F word average in English?

Definition the "the f-word"
1. To have sexual intercourse through (someone) 2. An action of sex-related intercourse.

What are all the cuss native in English?

26 English oath Words that You believed Were Harmless
F*ck. The word f-u-c-k is among the many widely well-known swear indigenous in the English language. F*ck you. Including the indigenous "you" means you"re directing the violation onto who else. Shit. Piss off. Cock head. Asshole. Child of a b*tch. Bastard.
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