FAB does no stand for anything, that is a shortened version of "fabulous". http://www.thunderbirdsonline.co.uk/The official version of the beginning of FAB (from Gerry Anderson himself) is: that the ax "FAB" describes the use of "Fab" as a sixties thing, together as: the Beatles, "the Fab Four".: Anderson repeatedly said the FAB had actually no meaning, fab == a convulsion of: fabulous remained in _very_ widespread use at the time. Https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/rec.arts.tv/n2WHs187FNk/_o2-n1nEvHMJThe definitive answer come from Sylvia Anderson herself during a promotional tour of her book. It to be something they comprised on the spur the the moment during a writing session, Sylvia says, and also it was never intended to was standing for anything other than come spell out the letter of a well-known British slang word--"fab"--during that era. Many civilization have attempted to find other meanings ("Filed, Actioned, Briefed", "Fine--Acknowledge Broadcast"), however it never meant anything other than "fabulous". Http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0057790/faq

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The personalities use the radio sign-off "F. A. B." rather than "Roger" or "Over and out". Anderson was regularly asked what F. A. B. Stand for, but in reality it just stood because that "fab" (short for "fabulous"), which was a 1960s catchphrase. Later this was unofficially made decision to mean completely Advised and also Briefed, following on indigenous P-W-O-R (Proceeding through Orders Received), a comparable radio confirmation password in the series Stingray. In Anderson"s following series, Captain Scarlet and also the Mysterons, S.I.G. (Spectrum is Green) would continue the legacy of initialled contact signs.
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"FAB" was supplied by radio operators in WW2 and also is not brief for "fabulous" in this context. The acronym way "Fully recognized Broadcast" and was called as "F" "A" "B" - not FAB as a word.(Editor: the problem with this theory is that the writer has proclaimed that it had actually no meaning.)
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