During a football game, we’ve all watched the officials traction a little yellow scarf out of your pockets and also throw it onto the field. That tiny yellow scarf is known as a FLAG, and also it signals the a rule has been broken and also a penalty will be imposed on one the teams.

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I’ve regularly wished I might throw Flags in my day-to-day life (Flag! unnecessary rudeness, Flag! negative pick-up line, Flag! driving also slow), yet for now…

Let’s breakdown the most common reasons a FLAG is thrown during a football game.

A foul is an infraction of the rules of the game (a player division a rule)A penalty is the consequence of breaking the ascendancy (usually a ns of yards)A flag signals the a foul has actually been committed and a penalty will be enforced

The official will constantly announce the foul, the player who committed the foul, and the penalty. So when you view the flag, listen up!

Flags thrown at the line of Scrimmage


Remember, the heat of scrimmage is the imagine line that extends out from the football after ~ the referee locations the round on the field. No player deserve to have any component of his human body on the line scrimmage other than for the center who breaks the ball to the Quarterback. This an are between the two teams is also known together the Neutral Zone. (see pic)



Offside occurs when any part of a player’s human body (except the Center) is past the line of scrimmage when the round is snapped. The player is off his side of the line of scrimmage. This is typically called on the defense since the players are anticipating the snap the the ball and also sometimes relocate early. However, that can also be called on the offense. Offside occurs once the football is snapped. If a defensive player the cross the heat of scrimmage however jumps earlier before the sphere is snapped, no foul has actually occurred.



False start is an attack foul. An attack Lineman can not make any kind of movement at the heat of scrimmage, and also the various other offensive players space not allowed to do quick, suddenly movements. This dominion is in ar to store the offense from trying to trick the defense right into moving early, or come “draw the defense offside.” If an offensive Lineman makes any movement prior to the sphere is snapped, or if the other offensive players do quick, sudden movements prior to the sphere is snapped, FALSE START.

Flag! hold-up OF GAME


The facility must snap the ball to the Quarterback before the play Clock operation out. This rule is in place to save the game moving at a good pace. If the ball is no snapped by the moment the pat Clock operation out, delay OF GAME.

Flags thrown during a Play



Holding is the most typical penalty in football. Holding wake up anytime a player restrains an additional player who is not transferring the ball. Blocking is the legal attempt come obstruct and move an adversary by prevent the route with their own bodies or advertise the opponent in the middle of his body. Hold is any other effort to hold the player back, because that example: grabbing arms, shoulders, or jersey (see pic).



Remember: stop is illegal against any player who is not transporting the football. However, the ball carrier is cost-free game come tackle and also get down. Holding have the right to be dubbed on the violation or defense.



A defensive player must give the attack receiver reasonable space and capacity to capture a pass. If the defensive player makes contact with the receiver, take away the eight of the receiver (see pic), or in any method hold the recipient thus interfering with his capability to capture the pass, pass INTERFERENCE. Pass Interference can also be referred to as on the offense, although it’s rare. If a defensive player makes a move to intercept the pass and the attack player pushes or makes call with a protective player, happen INTERFERENCE.

Flags thrown for Player Safety

Flag! challenge MASK

If a player bring away any part of another player’s challenge Mask (the grill component of the helmet)


If a player tackles any type of non-ball delivering player from behind (again, the round carrier is complimentary game)


If a defensive player makes call with the Quarterback after the release of the ball. The act of passing place the quarterback in a delicate position for injury due to the fact that he can’t safeguard himself indigenous hits. That is “defenseless,” and therefore this dominance is taken very seriously by the officials.


If a defender tackles or runs right into the kicker when attempting come block the kick. This dominion protects the vulnerable leg of the kicker.


If a referee judges any type of hit to it is in unnecessary, such as making contact after the play ends, tackling a round carrier as soon as he has already stepped out of bounds, or top a tackle through the helmet. This is likewise known as a personal foul.

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Extra Point: declining A PENALTY

Sometimes the penalty has replaying the down. A team may decrease the punish if the outcomes of the beat were more beneficial 보다 the penalty. Because that example, if the offense scored a touchdown during a play, but accepting a penalty versus the defense forced replaying the Down, the offense can decline the penalty and keep the results of the play.