In today’s post, we space going come talk about the concepts dual and half. First, ns will define what each term method and then we will view a strange case with them.

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Double and half explain a form of connection that exists in between two numbers or quantities.

Double the a quantity

The dual of a amount is the an outcome of adding the very same amount come itself. The last quantity is dual the initial.

Let’s look at an example.

What happens once we double 3 oranges?


We should add these 3 oranges to an additional 3 oranges.


The result of adding the same amount twice is double that quantity. In other words, doubling 3 oranges is calculation by including 3 oranges and 3 oranges, i m sorry is 6 oranges in total.


Therefore, the dual of 3 oranges is 6 oranges.

Half the a quantity

Half the a amount is the an outcome of splitting the claimed quantity into two equal parts. Each one of these components is fifty percent of the early quantity. 

Let’s look at an example.

What will certainly be fifty percent of 8 tomatoes?


We need to divide 8 tomatoes right into two equal quantities.


The result of dividing 8 tomatoes right into two equal amounts is 4 tomatoes. These two quantities now type the distribution of the 8 tomatoes, they room halves of the initial quantity.

Therefore, half of 8 tomato is 4 tomatoes

If us look in ~ it we will watch that twin and half are related and inverse concepts. In other words, a number is the double of another, which method that the latter is ultimately half of the first.

For example:

Two time 5 is 10 and because the this us say that 10 is 5 doubled. If we analyze this partnership in turning back we see that 10 can be separated into two equal parts, and also because that this we can say that 5 is half of 10.


10 milkshakes room 5 milkshakes doubled, similar to 5 milkshakes are half of 10 milkshakes.

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I hope the this write-up has aided you to find out the concepts of dual and half, and remember if you want to work-related on these and also other amazing mathematical ideas for major school, examine out and discover our method.