We open minded would have never guessed the colors would certainly play together a large role ~ above TikTok. From checking the whiteness of your teeth to transforming up her hair shade just because that fun, there are plenty of TikTok trends that all seem to it is in centered approximately color. 

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And so, as soon as we saw people were posting videos speak “this is my yellow,” us assumed at first that it to be a recommendation to another color filter or something favor that. Yet it isn’t! Here’s what “my yellow” actually method on tiktok — it’s pretty sweet!


i cried a little making this. He is my entirety world. ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##yellowcoldplay ##ThatWitch ##FallDIY ##relationship ##myyellow

♬ original sound - ev

If friend scroll with the #myyellow sign on TikTok, the won’t take long to realize what the tendency refers to. Basically, world are introduce to the love of their life as their “yellow.” A most the videos use a remixed version of Coldplay’s track “Yellow,” particularly these lyrics:

Your skinOh yeah, your skin and also bonesTurn into something beautifulYou knowYou understand I love girlfriend soYou recognize I love friend so


my bestfriend since day one ##fyp ##greenscreen ##greenscreenvideo ##dog

♬ initial sound - ev

Some human being are taking the prompt fairly literally and showing photos and video clips that their significant others. The videos commonly start with a photo or clip the the creator with message that claims “This my yellow,” then change to a sweet slideshow the their far-reaching other. The photos might show the two of lock together, screenshot of text conversations, or just straight-up picture of their boo spring cute.

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It doesn’t issue how single and/or cold-hearted you room — you have to admit the seeing world share your love for the world in their lives is quite darn touching. That being said, if you discover yourself just rolling your eyes at every one of the adorableness, don’t give up ~ above the “my yellow” trend completely!


I wouldn’t trade him for the world :)