Nissan Murano / Nissan Murano 2009-2021 Owner"s manual / starting and control / All-Wheel drive (AWD) (if therefore equipped) / AWD warning light


The AWD warning irradiate is situated in the meter.

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The AWD warning light illuminates once theignition switch is propelled to the on position. Itturns off soon after the engine is started.

If any breakdown occurs in the AWD systemwhile the engine is running, the warning light willcome on.

The warning light might blink rapidly (about twiceper second) while trying to totally free a stuck vehicledue come high powertrain oil temperature. Thedriving setting may change to 2WD. The AUTOmode may change to the LOCK mode before thewarning light blinks. If the warning light blinksrapidly throughout operation, stop the vehicle withthe engine idling in a safe ar immediately.

Then if the light transforms off after ~ a while, friend cancontinue driving.

A big difference in between the diameters offront and rear wheels will certainly make the warning lightblink slowly (about when per two seconds). Pulloff the roadway in a for sure area, and also idle the engine.

Check that all tires sizes are the same, tirepressure is correct and also tires are not worn.

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• If the warning light remains on afterthe above operation, have actually yourvehicle checked by a NISSAN dealeras quickly as possible.• If the warning light comes on whiledriving there may be a malfunctionin the AWD system. Reduce thevehicle speed and also have your vehiclechecked by a NISSAN dealer assoon together possible.• The powertrain may be damaged ifyou continue driving v the warninglight blinking.• never drive top top dry tough surfaceroads in the LOCK mode, as thiswill overload the powertrain andmay cause a significant malfunction.

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