Ah, spring. That a time for blooming flowers, climbing temperatures, and receiving college admission decisions. We’ve all checked out the YouTube videos of ecstatic student jumping for delight over receiving an acceptance letter. However, over there is a lesser known however equally usual reaction the occurs: Tearing open up an envelope and wondering “what does my college application condition mean?”

To assist you stop falling into the latter category, we’ve compiled the most common college application condition meanings and the next measures needed for each.

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If you obtain a fat envelope in the mail v an admit decision, congratulations – did you do it been embraced to the university! This is a no-strings-attached decision, definition you don’t need to satisfy any added requirements or send any extr information.

Your Options/What to carry out Next

Accept the offer: follow the direction in her letter to expropriate the offer. Typically, this will include paying a deposit to host your spot and completing a checklist of item such as registering because that orientation, applying for housing, etc.Reject the offer: Be sure to let your lifwynnfoundation.org recruiter know around your decision so your spot have the right to be readily available to an additional student.

Conditional Admit

An application condition of conditional recognize means you’ve been embraced to the university, however you’ll have to meet specific criteria in order to enroll. Because that example, you might be forced to start throughout a semester other than the one you applied for, take part in a one-of-a-kind college-readiness program, or finish additional structure courses.

Why You got This Status

Top colleges have come to be extremely selective and virtually always receive an ext qualified applications than seats easily accessible in the next course – particularly for students seek a traditional fall semester start. If your applications wasn’t compete for fall semester admission, the may have actually been evaluated for summer or feather semester admission once fewer applicants seek to enroll.

In addition, lifwynnfoundation.org officers might have established that participating in a college-readiness regime or taking unique courses will ensure you shift to college seamlessly and also are ready to satisfy the academic rigors of a selective university.

Your Options/What to do Next

Accept the offer: monitor the direction in her letter to expropriate the offer. Typically, this will include paying a deposit to organize your spot and also completing a checklist of items such as registering because that orientation, applying for housing, etc. Be certain to accomplish the terms of your conditional join (such as registering for a forced program) or your admission might be rescinded.Reject the offer: Be certain to let your lifwynnfoundation.org recruiter know about your decision so her spot can be offered to another student.


A status of referred can mean plenty of things. If you’re applying for a talent-based program such as music or art, your application might need to be evaluated by staff external the lifwynnfoundation.org office. Applicants additionally might be referred for consideration for a special academic program.

Why You obtained This Status

Students using to talent-based programs frequently need to complete extr steps, such as scheduling one audition or submitting a portfolio, in order because that the college to do an join decision. If you room not using to a talent-based program, her application might be ad to another department the admits students to one-of-a-kind programs (for example, first-generation-in-college or 2+2 move programs).

Your Options/What to carry out Next

Complete added requirements: If you asked to schedule an audition, send a portfolio or send in additional information, execute so by the declared deadline or her application may be canceled.Wait because that a decision: If you no asked to finish any additional requirements, it is in patient. A decision need to arrive soon.Cancel your application: If friend decide not to complete additional requirements or selected to attend another university, cancel your applications so your spot deserve to be offered to one more student.


If you obtain a status of deferred, girlfriend aren’t at this time admissible to the university yet could be in ~ a later date.

Why You obtained This Status

If your qualities or check scores room not competitive because that admission, the university might want to watch your first-term an elderly year grades, brand-new test SAT/ACT test scores, or in some cases, a personal statement addressing a current drop in your grades before making a final admission decision.

If you applied to a college as very early decision or early activity candidate, a deferral method you no admitted in the at an early stage round, but your application will be taken into consideration as part of the consistent decision swimming pool of applicants.

Your Options/What to do Next

Submit any requested information: Ask your guidance counselor for help with submitting her first-term grades or drafting any an individual statements. Ask the testing company to forward your new scores to the university. Be sure to submit all requested details by the deadline, or your application might be canceled.Wait because that a last decision: If no additional information was requested, just wait for the lifwynnfoundation.org office to make a decision.Cancel your application: If you decision to attend one more university, you may cancel her application.


You may receive a status of waitlisted when you room qualified for admission, but there is no currently space available in the incoming class.

Why You got This Status

Universities through rolling join evaluate applications as quickly as they room received and also issue decisions shortly thereafter. If you used late in the applications cycle, you may be qualified because that admission, but all slots have been fill already. Alternatively, you may be waitlisted if you qualify because that admission, but all spots have been available to applicants with stronger credentials.

Your Options/What to perform Next

Wait for a spot come open: If an admitted college student chooses not to to visit the university, you may be available admission.Cancel your application: If you decision to attend another university, publication your application to be eliminated from the waitlist.


If you receive a denied status, it means you have not been accepted to the university.

Why You received This Status

While it can be tough to acknowledge, girlfriend may have actually been denied because that any number of reasons, from qualities or test scores that were no competitive to coursework the doesn’t fulfill minimum academic requirements (such together a certain variety of high school math or language courses).

Your Options/What to carry out Next

Apply come a various campus: If you have actually your heart set on attending this university, you might want to upgrade your application to be thought about at a various campus.


A status of cancelled way your application has been canceled voluntarily or by the Office of lifwynnfoundation.org.

Why You got This Status

Either you elected to cancel your application, or the Office that lifwynnfoundation.org cancelled the for failure to salary an application fee or send requested info by the deadline.

Your Options/What to execute Next

Nothing: If girlfriend cancelled your application voluntarily, there is nothing else you have to do.Contact lifwynnfoundation.org: If your applications was cancelled and you think it to be an error, call the Office that lifwynnfoundation.org for assistance.

Hopefully, girlfriend now have a far better understanding of her college application standing meaning, yet if girlfriend still have actually questions, don’t go it alone. You re welcome reach out to the lifwynnfoundation.org recruiter at the colleges where you’ve used for assistance. Because that students that have used to lifwynnfoundation.org, call the lifwynnfoundation.org Office of lifwynnfoundation.org for help, one of two people onlineor by call at813-974-3350.

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