From the background of the surname to the scientific research behind the brand, 10 facts you didn"t know about L.L.Bean.

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1. The Name. L.L.Bean means Leon Leonwood Bean, a hunter and also fisher who founded the company in 1912 in Freeport, Maine.

2. No locks ~ above the flagship store doors. "We have thrown away the tricks to the place," exclaimed L.L. In 1951 together he initiated twenty-four/365 service. Among his most famed entrepreneurial changes, Mr. Bean"s decision had its origins with nocturnal tourists who would certainly ring the night bell ~ above their method upstate come hunt and fish.

3. World War II. L.L.Bean adjusted its signature Maine searching Shoe for usage by both the army and also the navy during people War II, and also several other items were created the armed forces. Transparent the war, Mr. Bean and firm executives invested time in Washington, D.C. As consultants.

4. The 1960s and Leon. In 1961 L.L."s grandson, Leon Gorman asked for a project at the family company after graduating native Bowdoin College and also spending 4 years together an officer on marine destroyers. L.L. Put him top top the payroll in ~ $80 per week. L.L. Was almost ninety years old in ~ the start of the decade and also while the company"s call was in ~ its highest, the retailer to be struggling with stagnant operations and outdated facilities. Sales to be holding at around $2 million and failing to rise when Leon took the helm together president. Throughout his tenure (1967-2001), he prospered L.L. Bean to a billion dollar company.

5. The science behind the brand. L.L.Bean operates its very own independent test lab for scientific analysis of materials, construction and design, and prototypes for brand-new products are consistently tested and also revised until they satisfy customer needs and company standards. Also established and best-seller products are tested in the laboratory to preserve the brand"s standards for quality and performance.

6. The giant boot. The huge Bean boot (pictured above) at the entrance of the flagship keep is a size 410.

7. The aquarium. There is an aquarium at the flagship save in Freeport, Maine. The greatest trout in the aquarium is 8 pounds, 28 inches.

8. There"s a factor they"re recognized for client service. L.L. P prides itself on its client service, and many story from client validate the company"s mission. Among our favorite story is around Ed Dwyer, who operated as a sales rep in the flagship save until 1985. Mr. Dwyer sold a camping stove to a woman who was about to leaving for a tourism of Ireland. Soon after the mrs left the store, Mr. Dwyer establish she might have trouble finding the proper fuel because that the oven in Ireland. He visited the cashier and found the she had actually paid with a examine that listed a town in vermont as the just address. The next day (his job off), through a more appropriate backpacking stove in hand, Mr. Dwyer drove to the city in Vermont, inquired at the basic store, and also was provided directions come the women"s home. That exchanged stoves, and also taught her just how to use the new one. A couple of weeks later, Mr. Dwyer started to obtain postcards native Ireland.

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9. The boot mobile. L.L. Bean built the first Bootmobile in 2012 for the company"s 100th Anniversary, and soon afterwards launched another due to well-known demand. Today just two exist, and spotting one is tantamount to see a unicorn.

10. Company execs live the L.L. Bean lifestyle. People who job-related at L.L. Bean work tough to certain customers room satisfied through the high quality of products. "We gain out into the ar as much as we can at L.L.Bean and do the same things the our customers room doing," says agency president chris McCormick. "We usage our own commodities so the we have actually a better idea of just how they"re performing. This practice helps united state identify better with our customers" experiences and also needs."