Millifoot is a subdivision the the foot unit. The milli prefix stands for 0.001 therefore, 1 millifoot = 0.001 foot units. Foot is a unit of measurement of length. The definition for foot is the following:

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convert millifoot to (Select a unit)angstromsastronomical unitsbarleycornsbohrscable lengths (Imperial)cable lengths (International)cable lengths (U.S.)centifeetcentiinchescentimeterschainscubitsdecafeetdecainchesdecakilometersdecametersdecametresdecimetresdecifeetdeciinchesdecikilometersdecimetersmetresdecinautical milesellsexametersfathomsfermisfingersfingers (cloth)feetfeet (Benoit)feet (Clarke)feet (Indian)feet (Sear)feet (US Survey)french catheter scalesfrench piedsfurlongsgeographical milesgigametersgigamilimetershandshectofeethectoincheshectometershectometrosincheskilofeetkilometerskiloyardsland leagueslight dayslight hourslight minuteslight secondslight yearslineslinks (Gunter)links (Ramsden)megafeetmegametersmegayardsmetresmickeysmicrofeetmicroinchesmicrometersmicrometrosmicromillimetersmicronsmils (Scandinavian mile)mils (thou)milesmiles (international)miles (telegraph)miles (U.S. Survey)millimetersmillimicronsnails (cloth)nanofeetnanoinchesnanometersnanomicronsnautical leaguesnautical milesnautical mile (Admiralty)pacespalmsparsecspicas (American)picas (computer)picas (French)picocentimeterspicometrespointspoints (American English)points (Didot European)points (PostScript)points (TeX)quartersrodsropesspansspatsstepssticksstigmasterameterstwipsx unitsyardsyottafeetyottametersyottametres

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