Onii-chan is the Japanese word for older brother so why isn't it analyzed to the english indigenous older brothers in english subs .

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Because "Onii-chan" has a an ext specific context than just "older brother". Onii-sama, Onii-san, and also Nii-chan every technically mean "older brother", however have vastly different connotations in Japanese.

This is the many correct answer in the thread. Over there is no direct translation for onii-chan in english, because if over there was, climate what carry out onii-sama and nii-san directly interpret to?

This happens a ton of time in translations between languages and also is nothing weird.

I have an additional question because that you then. In the anime Himouto! Umaru-chan, Umaru refers to her enlarge brother as onii-chan and also it is interpreted in english together onii-chan, yet when she older brother Taihei describes her together imouto the is interpreted in english together young sister. Why is younger sister interpreted into english.

I believe some subs do and also some don't. I deserve to understand why some subs leaving it. Periodically it feel awkward referring to someone together "big brother" in a organic conversation therefore they simply leave it together Onii-chan. Most human being know what it means anyway.

For some translators, they could think that making use of Onii-chan is more endearing come anime viewers.

OR they choose to use Japanese in order come sound cooler, i don't know.

Almost every anime I've seen has actually translated it come that. What carry out you check out it analyzed as?


When it comes to honorifics there's always a controversy whether they need to be interpreted or not. I'm ~ above the camp that if you can translate it without shedding much of its an interpretation then go for it. "Big Brother" to me has actually the same affectionate meaning as "oniichan" for this reason I'd to speak it have to be translated.

I'm not native speaker, so i don't know just how normal conversations through or around siblings look, and also seeing it interpreted just feel weird. And also sometimes it's used to to express to civilization who aren't yes, really brothers, therefore while it's easy to acquire used come Japanese term, English "brother" doesn't it seems ~ fitting. And leaving -chan does additionally give some information about relationship between characters, however you can argue the this is miscellaneous you have the right to hear and also doesn't must be in subs.

There are numerous nuances in exactly how characters address each other in Japanese, that are all translated exactly the very same to English.

I personally don't treatment how 'weeb' subs are as long as they don't make shit up. I can hear exactly how characters resolve each other anyway.

That being said, I'd usually favor stupid level of weeb, favor not translating "onii-chan" in the subs, compared to too much westernization.

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afaik english speaker don't describe their older siblings by your title favor they execute with parents or grandparents, however by their name. Whereas in anime they refer to their enlarge siblings by your title yet younger siblings by your name, therefore translating it would certainly look weird

I hate as soon as shit favor that is translated.

Just because you're introduce to best Onii-chan Shinji, doesn't median subtitles need to say "Shinji" instead of "Onii-chan"