Hello Idell,As far as ns am aware, "an opp" has actually no significant meaning in the English language. I've likewise checked with our urban sources and found nothing. Possibly there was much more context to the word you found? The only thing I can think of room "an option," "an opportunity" or "an opponent."


"OPP" is one abbreviation for other people's property. Sexual connotation is resting with other people's mam or gf.

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An Opp is street slang. Means “opposition” to put it broadly. However I’m assuming you’ve heard that from a laboratory song. And rappers are usually introduce to one opp as a “Snitch” or “Police informant”.



an opp is a rival corridor member choose if i view a opp that gonna obtain hit if i view a competitor he gonna acquire shot


Hi Idell,'an opp' is no a slang word, yet rather an abbreviation to a word.It could be used to abbreviate the word: operation.In a sentence, you might say: ns am going because that an opp today.

hello, 'opp' is Opp is a slang word meaning opposition; it is regularly used by criminal to refer to their enemies, such as rival corridor members. This slang isn't think about a nationwide slang, it’s largely used in areas Pittsburgh, California, and Chicago. Opps is often thought about to it is in the plural of the word'opp ' is acronym for "other people's property",abbreviation for, "Other People's Property

California is gangbanging territory and no we carry out not usage the native OPPS for opponents an enemy is usually referred to by their gang monikers worst nickname ie. East coastline Crips are referred to as CHEESE TOAST and Main Street Mafia are referred to as MINI SKIRTS...the terms are funny and hilarious at times yet using them will gain your head swollen off.....So stop consisting of California as making use of this word it’s wack and isn’t offered on this side of the Mississippi!

Opp way "opposition". The is generally used by criminal to describe their enemies.This can be taken into consideration American slang however it is only offered in Pittsburgh, California and also Chicago. The plural form is "opps".

Correction that is offered by world in that live in metropolitan areas. Not criminals. Although some human being think those points Correlate. Rappers and also entertainers have made use of the word so now people use it an international to express to: Police, Snitches(informants), Enemies, or any kind of opposition in any kind of situation

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Per acronymfinder.com OPP could have any type of of the adhering to slang meanings:

Rank Abbr.MeaningOPP Omega Psi Phi (Fraternity)OPP various other People's PropertyOPP other People's ProblemsOPP Opportunity/OpportunitiesOPP other People's PartsOPP main Party Poopers :-)OPP other People's PrivatesOPP out of publish at PresentOPP Overprotective parent(s)OPP Old People's Pot (song lyrics)

Definitely no a slang, yet an abbreviation. In the daily conversations, "opp" deserve to be possibility or opposite. Tons of explanations if that is one OPP.

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Opposition(s). Frequently used in the streets of Chicago, Pittsburgh and California. Usually refers to Cops, or haters.Fuck da opps

Definitely no a slang, however an abbreviation. In the day-to-day conversations, "opp" have the right to be chance or opposite. Tons of explanations if that is an OPP.

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