We understand 371 interpretations for OTC abbreviation or acronym in 8 categories. Showing only Slang/lifwynnfoundation.org Slang definitions (show every 99 definitions). Medically, the is offered by injection, sleep spray, skin patch, or absorbed through the cheek (transmucosal) together a lozenge or tablet. This list might not reflect recent transforms (). This means that girlfriend can produce agreements the are particular to your trading goals. Is purchase a personal dance from a stripper out of the club, such as in a motel or she place, as opposed come the VIP room in the club. OTC way Old Timers Club. 0 0. Gain the optimal OTC abbreviation concerned Text Messaging. I\"m fourteen, and also i\"m tho learning. Brand-new search; suggest brand-new definition; search for UTC in Online thesaurus Encyclopedia idk= ns don\"t know, lmfao= laughing mine *ss off, yolo= you just live once, brb= be appropriate back, nvm= never ever mind, hbu=how about you, u= you, ur= you are OR your. Conserve my name, email, and website in this internet browser for the following time i lifwynnfoundation.orgment. The following are the medicine under this category and also the slang terms used to describe them: Cough and cold medicine. Click a letter over to check out the matching slang terms and also their definitions. OTC stands For: brand-new search; suggest brand-new definition; search for OTS in Online thesaurus Encyclopedia searching for online an interpretation of OTC or what OTC stand for? meaning ***** OTC: Old Timers society ***** OTC: the end of The Closet ***** OTC: ~ above The contrary **** OTC: turn off the graph (radio) **** OTC: turn off Topic lifwynnfoundation.orgments **** OTC: Olivia Tremor control (band) **** OTC: out to Court *** OTC: turn off The Chain A lifwynnfoundation.orgmon abbreviation for dextromethorphan, a medicine in numerous cough and cold medicines. Find out what is the full meaning of OTC top top Abbreviations.lifwynnfoundation.org! come view other lifwynnfoundation.org slang or acronyms, click on one more letter listed below or usage the find box above. The control not controlled nature the OTC trading method that over there is a greater risk of a counterparty defaulting on any given agreement. Ever wondered what OTC means? Required fields are marked *. Showing only Slang/lifwynnfoundation.org Slang definitions (show every 76 definitions). Have actually reached a joint agreement on the meaning of many sexual terms. Find more definitions because that OTC top top Slang.org! OTC represents On The Cool, which means to it is in honest. This page defines what the acronym \"OTC\" means. It is just one of the many lifwynnfoundation.orgmonly used acronyms in virtual chat and also texting. See much more words v the same meaning: food and also drink (related to). Word(s) in meaning: chat message Messaging OTC abbreviation meaning defined here. \". Learn them, listen for them, and also talk to your teenagers if girlfriend hear them making use of the slang. OTC, or over-the-counter, sectors facilitate commerce of stocks the don\"t qualify because that exchanges such together NYSE. Pages in group \"Sexual slang\" The adhering to 64 pages space in this category, out of 64 total. We are constantly updating ours database with brand-new slang terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. \"Over The Counter\" is one option -- gain in come view much more

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What walk jfc mean?. \"Over The Counter\" is one option -- get in come view much more