I often see that a most lifwynnfoundation.org series have a few extra episodes. Part are clearly labeled as Specials, rather labeled together OVAs. I get Specials, however I don"t quite recognize the hatchet OVAs.

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I googled, and also found this: What is the difference between an OVA and also an OAV?, yet all I taken from that is that:

OVA/OAV means Original video clip Animation

Now that doesn"t explain much, go it? for this reason my concern is, just how is it different from various other extra illustration (Specials)? space they the very same thing and also the producers use the terms interchangeably or other else?

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Broadly, the two terms can be interchanged, back there are a couple of points that (almost) difference:

OVAs are normally released for home video clip (be the VHS, DVD, or whatever), vice versa, it"s feasible for a unique to it is in released together a television broadcast that is just separate indigenous the remainder of the show.OVAs are often shorter than a common episode the the show, when Specials are frequently as long or longer, return this definitely doesn"t constantly hold.Some OVAs room not associated with a show, for this reason they aren"t a "special episode" of anything. Because that example, the collection Video Girl Ai was only ever released together a 6 episode straight-to-video OVA.
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To define "Special" and OVA, we need to define what"s "normal" lifwynnfoundation.org.Usually lifwynnfoundation.org (TV series lifwynnfoundation.org) is broad-casted weekly.It will continue 13 or much more weeks.It"s usually totally free with tv advertisement (and has eye-catch at facility of episode).TV station have their code: no pantsu scene, no violence scene.The DVD (or BD) will be relax later.

Special (aka TV Special) is no weekly. Generally yearly or one shot.It"s have actually only one episode however it"s have longer size (ex 2 hours).It"s tho intended because that broadcast. Need to accomplish broadcast code.

OVA is produced for offering (by video or DVD).It"s intended to the small variety of viewer without advertisement.It method more otaku familiar theme.No need to follow broadcast code. It"s OK come have hard violence scene.

But, in current time, part OVA to be broadcasting with censorship.On the other hand, part TV collection is on air through censorship, and selling DVD (or BD) there is no censorship version.The boundary ended up being ambiguous.

Other category is lifwynnfoundation.org movie which is plan to show in theater.lifwynnfoundation.org movie is in between special and also OVA.

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The lifwynnfoundation.org Lupin the third has every TV series version, OVA, lifwynnfoundation.org movie and TV Special.In this case, distinct version is yearly release.