The expression "pi r squared" refers to the math formula offered to identify the area the a circle.

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Normally, the equation is written as "pi * r2," or "Π * r2.

To calculate the area the a circle, the is important to an initial determine the circle"s radius, i m sorry is fifty percent the distance of a right line throughout the facility of the circle. The formula used to determine the circle"s radius is r = C / 2.

Pi is a mathematical continuous representing the proportion of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and also is about equal to 3.14. Pi has also been stood for by the Greek letter "Π" because the 18th century.

The formula offered to determine the area of a one is:

A = pi * r2 or

A = Π * r * r

Where A to represent the area, r is the radius, and also pi amounts to 3.14.

For example, the area the a circle with a diameter of 2 inches can be calculated together follows:

A = 3.14 * (2/2)2

A = 3.14 * 12

A = 3.14

In this case, the area the the one is 3.14 inches.

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The mathematical consistent pi is generally used to determine the the area and also volume the geometric shapes, which have the right to be used to things like floor an are and how much liquid a particular barrel hold in daily life.

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