Skeletons in the Closet Meaning

Definition: A shameful an enig that could seriously injury a person’s call if civilization discovered it.

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The an allegory in this expression is clear. That likens a household or personal secret to a killing victim covert in a closet.

Origin that Skeletons in the Closet

There is no resource material showing that this an allegory got its beginnings from a literal event. While the is possible that who somewhere to be hiding skeletons in his or her closet (stranger things have happened), over there isn’t a known historical event that points to this specific phrase.

Instead, it first appeared together a an allegory in the early 1800s. Thackeray, Dickens, George Meredith, and also other nineteenth-century brother writers provided the expression in their novels.

Not limited to killing victims, the expression is metaphorical and can express to any kind of shameful secret.

Examples of Skeletons in the Closet

In this conversation, a mother and also daughter are pointing out the brand-new boyfriend the daughter has.

Daughter: ns inviting my brand-new boyfriend over because that dinner tonight, for this reason you and Dad can finally meet him.

Mother: Great! simply don’t let her father find out his last name.

Daughter: Why not?

Mother: He desires to do a background inspect on him come make sure he isn’t some type of criminal.

Daughter: oh my goodness! Why would certainly he do that?

Mother: her father to trust everyone has skeletons in the closet, and he just wants come make sure you’re safe.

In this example, 2 coworkers are stating silly beliefs that your parents have.

Dave: my mom constantly tries to convince everyone that she have the right to speak French, also though she can’t.

Ben: it is so strange. Why?

Dave: She think speaking French would make she seem high class.

Ben: Ah, ns see. My Dad does something similar. That tells everyone he inherited his money, also though that earned it all himself.

Dave: Why? He should be proud the earning it!

Ben: i agree, yet he actually made his money from designing a new way to do the washing up toilets. He’s embarrassed by it, and considers it to be a skeleton in the closet. He doesn’t desire anyone come know around it.

More Examples

This excerpt is around allowing part criminals come erase documents of your crimes after ~ serving their punishment.

This excerpt is native a human being trying to uncover proof the wrongdoing.

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The phrase skeletons in the closet advert to any type of shameful reality that a person tries come cover up so the no one else will ever before learn about it.


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