Medically reviewed by Cynthia Cobb, DNP, APRN, WHNP-BC, FAANP — created by Louise Morales-Brown on April 7, 2021

Semen is the reproductive fluid that the penis releases during ejaculation. Although there has been some anecdotal evidence that semen may carry out skin benefits, over there is little scientific proof to assistance this.

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While semen might contain ingredients the can advantage skin, the little quantity of these ingredients is unlikely to carry out any benefit. Placing semen top top the skin or spend it also carries the hazard of arising an allergic reaction and also sexually transmitted epidemic (STIs).

Read on come learn an ext about the result of putting semen top top the skin and hair, as well as the dangers this may carry.

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The idea the semen might be helpful for skin health and wellness largely stems from anecdotal proof claiming that the nutrient within semen may assist with skin health.

Although semen go contain nutrient that have the right to be advantageous for the skin, there is little scientific proof to support the idea the topical usage of semen or usage can boost a person’s skin health and also appearance.

An enlarge review trying out the properties of semen list the adhering to as part (but not all) that the nutrients discovered in semen:


This section will explore each of this nutrients and also how they might be helpful for the skin. However it is vital to note that semen only contains tiny quantities of this nutrients, and also as such, they space unlikely come have any kind of effect when used to skin.


Collagen is a kind of protein that have the right to be beneficial for skin health. A 2019 research highlights the a collagen supplement may be able to improve skin hydration and also elasticity, and also make the softer.


A 2014 examine reviewing the services of zinc because that skin notes the it own antioxidant properties and also may it is in able to aid prevent skin damage from exposure come UV rays.


Older research says that shower in a magnesium-rich sea salt equipment may have benefits for dry skin by reducing inflammation and also increasing hydration.


Urea is a rubbish product from the malfunction of the amino acids found in proteins.

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A 2018 evaluation highlights that commodities that contain short doses of urea can be advantageous to moisturize the skin.