When it concerns finding the perfect diamond engagement ring, the 4 C"s — cut, color, clarity and also carat — are your BFFs. You should do part thinking around your priorities, and also which that the C"s should be allotted VIP standing in your budget. Carat is a great place come start, but it"s essential to know that it have the right to be a slightly facility calculation. Girlfriend should get to understand CTTW, since it will dictate the impact of the ring friend select.

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What is CTTW and also how is it different from carat?

Remember that carat is a measure up of weight, no size. CTTW represents carat (CT) and total load (TW). In a item of jewelry that has an ext than one diamond, it"s the load of every the diamonds, included together.

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What you should understand about CTTW

Yes, it"s just for diamonds.

CTTW refers to the weights of the diamonds in a ring. If you"re interested in, say, a sapphire and diamond engagement ring, the CTTW doesn"t consider the sapphires. Crucial to note: carriers that use lab-made diamonds still use CTTW, so it isn"t have to a measure of simply real diamonds.

CTTW doesn"t tell friend much about price.

Two rings have the right to have the same CTTW numbers, but their prices deserve to be significantly different. It relies on exactly how much of the CTTW originates from center rock and how much indigenous the interval stones. For example: A ring may have actually six small stones and also a 1 carat facility stone, yet expense much much less than a ring than has a 1 carat diamond in the center and two larger accent stones. Remember: Diamonds room priced exponentially, no linearly. Bigger stones space rarer, so they cost disproportionately more.

CTTW is a complete of both earrings.

If you"re purchase earrings, division the CTTW by 2 to discover out the size of the stone(s) on every individual earring.

You can constantly ask for a breakdown of every the stones in a piece, if the isn"t listed. Contact our gemological team.

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