The whole philosophy the the programs and also services provided by The Mandt System, Inc. Is based on “Putting people First” and also on “Supporting People, Not simply Their Behaviors™.”

Our vision is come decrease rectal violence by enhancing the safety of all the stakeholders in the organization through the usage of Trauma notified Positive habits Support. In being her partner, us commit ourselves to constantly demonstrating Excellence, Effectiveness, and also Efficiency and teaching others exactly how to use these principles within their organizations.

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The Mandt mechanism team makes use of two key strands to build and maintain our relationship with organizations that companion with us.

The an initial of these strands is the client Care and Partnership assistance team with whom girlfriend will connect through the process of mentioning your finding out and breakthrough needs as well as the services and also supports we offer to accomplish those needs.

The 2nd strand is the maintain Faculty and also Implementation team who will support you with the design, integration and also delivery phases of implementation and also providing ongoing workplace assistance and impact evaluation.

The cultivate Faculty is able to attract upon the skills, knowledge and also experience of a diverse body of professionally default (Through educational Degrees and Certifications) instructors and also experts to develop the best match in conference your unique organizational and also service user needs. Ours Training Faculty at this time represents but is not limited to expert fields of; Education, Developmental Disabilities, psychological Health, society Work, Acquired and Traumatic mind Injury, protection & Corrections, Management and also Psychology.

The cultivate Faculty additionally practice and also serve on a variety of national and also international finest practice and also regulatory bodies and boards and maintaining a practitioner role when and also wherever the is appropriate.

We room happy to administer expanded Biographical profiles for staff upon request.

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Our programs will help you build a safer, healthier workplace culture.