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Mort, mori & mors room the root-words for many other words.Vita,vivi &viv room the root-words for numerous other words.Chron is the root-word for countless other words.Ped & pod space the root-words for many other words.Meter is the root-word for countless other words.
These ROOT-WORDS space MAN & MANU which median BY HAND. The words Nos. 6, 7 and also 8 space really misnomers. MANUfactured items are no longer made by hand in a MANUfactory through a MANUfacturer v his own hands. In the in march of automation we shall shortly be obliged to find another name for machine-made goods. Someday, a human who to know the ROOT-WORD well will invent a brand-new word to take it the place of the old.1. Manual : MANU al (man’ yu al) adj.Relating to the hand; as, hands-on labor2. Manucaption : MANU subtitle (man yu kap’ shun) n.A document that to be once provided to achieve the presence in court ofan alleged felon3. Manuduction : MANU duction (man yu duk’ shun) n.Leading by the hand; guidance4. Manacles : male acles (man’ a k’ls) n.Handcuffs; chains5. Manicure : guy icure (man’ i kyur) n.The care of the hands and nails6. Produce : MANU facture (man yu fak’ chur) n.The plot of do by machinery or hand7. Manufacturer : MANU facturer (man yu fak’ chur er).One who hires others to make points in amount by hand or by machine8. Manufactory : MANU manufacturing facility (man yu fak; to ree) n.A place where goods is made9. Manifest : male ifest (man’ ns fest) adj.Seen in ~ hand; obvious; apparent10. Manumit : MANU mit (man yu mit’) v.To release from contract; collection free; as, manumit a slave

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11. Manumission : MANU mission (man yu mish’ un) n.The action of liberating a slave12. Manumotive : MANU motive (man yu mo’ tiv) adj.Moved through hand13. Practice : male euver (ma nu’ ver) v.To bring about by skill; come guide; manipulate14. Manuscript : MANU manuscript (man’ yu skript)A record of literary job-related written in hand15. Manipulate : guy ipulate (ma nip’ yu late) v.To work-related out by hand; to manage16. Manipulation : guy ipulation (ma nip yu lay’ shun) n.Skillful handling; as, the manipulation that puppets17. Emancipate : e guy cipate (e man’ si pate) v.Release; set free18. Emancipation : e guy cipation (e male si pay’ shun) n.The plot of liberation; as, the Emancipation Proclamation19. Legerdemain : legerde key (lej erd e mane’) n.Light-handed magic tricks; sleight that hand