Sun and moon tattoos are prefer yin and also yang tattoos - except means cuter - representing opposing pressures in our universe and within ourselves. These classic, twin gender tattoos attribute both the sun and also the moon, separate or intertwined, and also are popular throughout cultures, geographies and genders. Through deciding to gain a sun and also moon tattoo, you are embracing the complexity and also duality the the person spirit.

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- Significance-

The sun and also moon tattoo is a depiction of 2 opposing powers - life & death, an excellent & bad, femininity & masculinity.

Some the our really favorite sunlight + moon tattoos combine them into one price - which have the right to represent treating both opposing pressures equally, or representing accept that opposing strength exist within all of us and also finding tranquility with the truth.



- varieties of sun & Moon Tattoo designs -

If you space thinking of getting a sun and moon tattoo, right here are some options we"d recommend:

1. Linked Sun + Moon - in mandala formation or sun within the crescent moon

2. Separate sun + moon alongside each other

3. Minimalist sunlight + moon - for example, the ankle tattoos seen here.

If you need an ext design ideas, our team below at has curated some of our favorite sun and moon tattoos from across the web. Don"t forget to examine out the sunlight temporary tattoos in our classics Collection and the moon short-lived tattoos in ours yoga collection. We additionally have white moon tattoos in ours Mykonos Collection and black moon tattoos in our Onyx Goddess Collection. Together the saying goes - try it before you purchase it! momentary tattoos are a good way to test the end whether you favor a design, placement or size.



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Sun and also moon tattoos are classic for a reason - lock will never go out of style. Everyone has actually a irradiate side and also a dark side, so getting this tattoo is a solemn event of the union of the two and the balance in life. However, prior to you obtain a genuine tattoo, mental (!) gaining a actual tattoo can be high-quality to acquire - and also remove if you readjust your mind. Therefore if you want to test the end this concept, work with us to customize your very own tattoo and also wear a short-lived one for a while therefore you have the right to feel confident this is the best option because that you!