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‘she looked like a vulture waiting to pounce’‘The cat pounced ~ above it and took the meat to the earlier of the bar, under a pool table with a scarred, eco-friendly felt surface.’‘One that the primates pounced top top a mrs holding a child, biting she arm before leaping back into the tree.’‘I was fairly happy v that, so ns couldn"t think it as soon as the dog pounced on mine dog.’‘Suddenly, without any type of warning, the cat pounced ~ above me and dug that is claws into the skin of mine arm.’‘Like a living animal, the wood pounced ~ above its prey, wrapping itself about the loathsome wizard.’‘The various other smuggler tried come run, however the beast pounced ~ above him and also raised him into the air.’‘Both the beasts pounced ~ above him and began attacking.’‘Before you could say ‘Quick, gain the binoculars’, the owner"s cat pounced.’‘Every time the butterfly would fly higher the kitten would certainly pounce at the air and also end up falling to the ground.’‘Then they to be woken increase by three dogs pouncing ~ above them.’‘But the creature pounces in ~ her, grabs her, and also throws her at least a garden away.’‘He stalks around and also pounces and growls and also roars if that feels the anyone is a hazard to us.’‘And that"s once the lion pounces and also starts biting she hip.’‘When a predator pounces, merely escaping in opposing direction is frequently the worst option.’‘She hesitated because that a moment, and then pounced upon she prey.’‘Like a cat poised come pounce top top his prey, he to be ready.’‘The house seemed choose a caged tiger prepared to pounce on its prey.’‘The biology pounced again, however he avoided it by rolling come one side.’‘He almost screamed when a rat suddenly pounced the end of it, squeaking madly.’‘A nearby wolf pounced on the bird an initial and the rodent scuttled come freedom.’
1.1(of a person) spring forward suddenly so regarding attack or seize someone or something.
‘the corridor pounced ~ above him and also knocked him to the ground’
More example sentences
‘Suddenly she pounced on her and they both went under and came up laughing.’‘We were escorted into this dressing room, whereby all these world pounced on us with instances of make-up and racks of clothing.’‘I wanted to run up and hug Jimmy tightly, yet he currently pounced top top me.’‘That"s when law enforcement agents pounced on him.’‘Then, the various other girls pounced on she - howling, high-fiving, and also hugging.’‘That was as soon as a stray assistant pounced on me, to carry out the ‘can ns help?’’‘As us left the courthouse, Hubby and Wifey and their kids pounced top top us, hugging us and also crying.’‘I virtually pounced on them when they arrived.’‘And it was the exact same with anyone after that, and also when they ultimately showed up about four, the girls practically pounced top top them.’‘Right over there on the stair he almost pounced ~ above me.’‘All i knew was that one moment Mary to be sitting alongside me, and also the following she had actually pounced ~ above me and was stop me down so that i couldn"t move while she kissed me.’‘As soon as I open up the door, mine mom almost pounces top top me.’‘He"s no a an especially strong thrower, however he block errant pitches well and also quickly pounces on bunts.’‘Now, imagine gift out v a friend, and she unexpectedly pounces on you.’‘You sleep around, break hearts, and also then pounce ~ above your following victim.’‘He pounced on the loose ball and sent a blistering shot to the net.’‘When us walked out of the test room, he almost pounced on us.’‘When i arrived home my sister almost pounced on me instantly for details.’‘And it to be then that his attacker pounced.’1.2Notice and also take swift and also eager advantage of a mistake, remark, or sign of weakness.

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‘Pedants pounce on together tell-tale indications that what purports to be photo of Shakespeare is really an idealised picture of the biographer himself.’‘Critics will certainly pounce on their every failure as proof that paying teachers for performance is a bad idea.’‘Then the tigers pounce ~ above opponents" mistakes.’‘Competitors are all set to pounce on any weakness.’‘On a 3rd occasion he was hovering behind him together the ball flew right into the area, ready to pounce on any type of mistake.’‘Not just is the whole civilization watching our every move yet we have actually an active, independent, complimentary press just waiting to pounce on any kind of mistake this management makes together well.’‘They were supervisors I played with who might pounce ~ above a player"s weaknesses in a measured, forthright fashion.’‘The visitors lost the ball when trying to clean it though, and also Brady pounced ~ above the failure to popular music over a good point.’‘She conserves both with groundstroke winners, however the Belgian pounces top top a third with a backhand return winner.’‘He gathers his energy, makes a run at a sentence, flags and also then pounces on separation, personal, instance words for inappropriate emphasis, swallowing rather whole.’‘He waits because that a pitcher to make a mistake, climate pounces.’‘But he reacted easily to pounce on the rebound and fire home.’‘Thornton pounced ~ above a goalkeeping error to put hosts York ahead in the first half.’‘But web traffic wardens pounced when she parked slightly external the parking bay.’‘During the same duration wardens have actually pounced on more than 1,000 drivers breaking parking or driving laws.’‘He pounces top top every mistake, chews them out after wins if your play isn"t up to his standards.’‘Just together the crowd were being lulled right into a stupor, Scotland pounced in the 23rd minute.’‘Any lapses in concentration and the Rats will pounce in what should be a close game.’‘We make the failure of not leaving ourselves a rapid exit and also her dad pounced top top the truth that we were basically cornered to tell us the entire background of his backyard.’‘Predictably, the prime Minister has instantly pounced top top this, saying no ‘arbitrary date’ has been set.’