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‘Dunfermline had more reason than most to approach the match warily.’‘Adjustment comes in stages, each step taken warily.’‘They freeze, lapse into a wide-eyed silence, then warily continue their conversation.’‘Offered his old job back by former boss Hunter, in return for taking on a case, he warily accepts.’‘Even the most instinctively bellicose warily warn of making matters worse.’‘Gabriel made his way warily down the row of curtained cubicles.’‘In desperation, she entered warily into a sexual liaison with an army captain, who offered some promise of economic stability.’‘I warily approach her, softly calling her name.’‘Marines stepped warily around the bodies, looking for their own comrades.’‘Upon warily entering a cafe you"re immediately barked at for your order.’‘Color plays a pivotal role in a website"s impact, thus, it must be considered warily.’‘Nobuyuki Yamaguchi concedes that conservationists need to tread warily in the U.K., a nation of pet lovers.’‘And synod and churchwide leaders look warily toward the future.’‘If you do go down this route then please tread warily.’‘And that"s exactly why third-year Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington, a Pro Bowler in 2001, is approaching the season warily.’‘Both Harriet and William strike the reader as somewhat eccentric, the sort of neighbors or colleagues one tolerates but befriends only warily.’‘You had to approach these people warily.’‘When the questioner is employed by the state broadcaster of one of the occupying powers, the respondents might be expected to answer warily.’‘But while the desire to escape the British climate may be strong, you need to tread warily if your dream home in the sun is not to become a nightmare.’‘Warily, he reached out and turned the knob, easing the door open.’‘Oxford is watching warily for a mumps outbreak as universities across the country see case after case.’

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carefully, with care, cautiously, gingerly, circumspectly, charily, guardedly, on one's guard, on the alert, on the lookout, on the qui vive, attentively, heedfully, watchfully, vigilantly, observantly, alertly, cannily