SPOILER ALERT: This story includes details around tonight’s seasonfinale the CBS’ NCIS.

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“Were you and also Ziva an object the entirety time?” askedNCIS special Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray), come Michael Weatherly’s distinct Agent Tony DiNozzo.“We had a…connection,” answered DiNozzo, “and clear a an extremely fond farewell.”

Obviously indeed. Tonight’s big surprise on the Season 13 finale of CBS’ flagship drama series: Tony and Ziva — whose connection was always more suggested than demonstrated — have actually a daughter, an adorable tiny girl named Tali (played by twinsEmelia Golfieri and Layla Golfieri) who was hand-delivered tonight by Israeliofficials come DiNozzo, complying with the obvious death by explosion of Ziva.

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And so Weatherly endedan emotional episode without his trademark smirks or wisecracks, handing in a tear-soaked season finalethat finally shown DiNozzo’srelationship through Ziva went past atarmac kiss a couple of seasons back. The finale additionally saw a return by Robert Wagner, who has recurred together DiNozzo’s dad, this time around encouraging his son to take part time for an emotional breather.

The episode no only carried an finish to Weatherly’s tenure, yet closed the door on among the show’s an ext intriguing to run storylines: the multi-episode arc about the serial killings of NCIS agents past and present. At first assumed to it is in the fatal doings of a rogue british MI6 agent, NCIS revealed critical week that the Brit had actually been collection up through Trent Kort (David Dayan Fisher), the one-eyed previous CIA operative and nuclear secrets spiller who’s been together close together NCIS has acquired to a Dr. Evil over the years.

The gun-toting Kort met a specifically violent end, by NCIS standards, together the whole NCIS gang opened fire top top him. DiNozzo, the course, got off the very first round.

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And v that situation wrapped up, the farewells began.“I know just how much Ziva really loved you,” the ever-gothforensics professional Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) called DiNozzo in a tearful goodbye.“I know. She said me.”

DiNozzo had hug fests v McGee andagent Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham), and also Harmon’s Gibbs, the course, prior to heading residence to the small girl he never ever knew. Weatherly’s final episode, created by Gary Glasberg & Scott Williams and directed byTony Wharmby, was titled, accordingly enough, “Family First.”

As because that Weatherly, he’llbe returning toCBS also if his character isn’t: The networkhas provided a series order for Bull, in i beg your pardon Weatherlyplays a jury consultant motivated by the at an early stage career of “Dr. Phil” McGraw. Weatherly is intended to appear at CBS’ upfront presentation in brand-new York tomorrow.