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What specifically does "Z71 off Road" mean on pickup trucks?
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Does a factory "Z71 turn off Road" decal on the back-end of a Chevy truck bed instantly mean "Four wheel drive", or does this method something different?Thanks

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What do You gain with the Z71?Pickup chauffeurs who room looking for an ext off-road capability should look right into the 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 with the Z71 package.Z71 is a package the is easily accessible exclusively on the LT and also LTZ trims, and also it delivers attributes that make the truck fully capable of managing off-road instances with ease.So what go the Z71 package offer you? The Z71 package also comes with distinct visual features and also badging, including a Z71 graphic on the instrument cluster and also a special finish on the inner trim pieces. A Z71 argorial is additionally found top top the grille, noting the truck together a fully-capable off-road machine.The Z71 package provides you the following features: Rancho Brand ShocksHill descent ControlUnderbody Transfer instance ShieldRecovery HooksHigh capacity Air CleanerEaton Heavy-Duty automatic Locking rear DifferentialBrushed metal Sill Plates18” or 20” WheelsAll-terrain TiresThe Rancho brand shocks supply a smooth journey on all varieties of terrain. Designed for great performance, Rancho shocks have been transferring the pack for thousands of off-road and also heavy-duty vehicles. Any truck, particularly the Silverado, will be much more capable and much more durable with Rancho shocks.Hill decent regulate sets and also maintains automobile speed while descending a steep incline. This system works whether the Silverado is in front or reverse. It is especially effective when towing, like when pulling boats away from a steep boat launch.These excellent functions make the Z71 parcel a perfect addition to the Chevy Silverado 1500. If you desire a truck the has much more features to assist you acquire the project done right, take into consideration a Chevy Silverado LT or LTZ with the Z71 package.source: What carry out You acquire with the Z71?