Elle Greenaway is regularly referred come as one of "Criminal Minds""s least favorite characters, and also the BAU agent didn"t also last 2 seasons before being composed off the display in Season 2. Played by actress Lola Glaudini, Elle never ever seemed come mesh with various other members of the behavioral analysis unit, and the character additionally didn"t seem to affix with viewers since of she impatience and also disregard for protocol. Her vigilante tendencies were foreshadowed as at an early stage as the an initial episode the the series, in i m sorry she refused to wait because that backup and shot a suspect who went after Gideon. Gideon later on ordered she to gain regulate of her impulses.

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While Elle"s assertive personality won she a spot on the behavioral evaluation unit, it likewise caused she a great deal of conflict during she time ~ above the show, specifically after she was attacked and left for dead by a suspect known as The Fisher King. She accused the unit of no caring once the unsub damaged into she home and also shot her, and also the PTSD she skilled afterward drove a wedge in between her and her teammates, leading to actions countless felt went also far.

In among "Criminal Minds""s least famous storylines, Elle go undercover to find a serial rapist in the Season 2 episode "Aftermath," only to defy orders and botch the investigation by confronting the suspect prematurely. Because of this, the suspect was released, but Elle adhered to him home and also confronted the again, only to shed her temper once he began taunting her with sexist comments. She climate shot and also killed him, later claiming she shot the in self-defense. Hotch, however, doubt she lied and followed her to her father"s grave, wherein Elle"s conscience had actually led her. Through no proof to arrest her, Hotch advised Elle come quit the unit, and she tendered she resignation.

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Many human being felt the scene of she murdering the suspect went too far, yet for different reasons. Part Reddit users felt the authors took the lazy path by do Elle the bad guy without trying out her PTSD more realistically while rather disliked that she took the law into her own hands. One commenter remarked that they "loved her until the last episode or two once she went and killed that guy," and another claimed the shooting made "me rage-cringe, which i didn"t even know was possible." Regardless of her viewpoint, various world agree the scene went too far.