Much like Rosie Perez in White men Can’t Jump, i too reap learning foods items that start with the letter Q.

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In respect of Rosie Perez…

1 | Quesadilla

I really do like a good quesadilla. I actually favor them slim to thick. V thick quesadillas, you feel choose you’re eat a cheese wheel sheathe in a tortilla.

2 | Quark

To a nerd choose me, Quark is short for Quark XPress, the sort-of-popular desktop publishing software. To a enlarge nerd 보다 me, a quark is a generic physical subatomic particle. Come a bigger nerd than that, Quark is the surname of a character with large round ears on Star Trek: Deep an are Nine. And to the greatest nerd that all, quark is a kind of soft cheese that has actually a texture somewhere in between cottage cheese and ricotta.

3 | Quiche

I’m surprised this is a stereotypically happy food, as all of my happy friends space smart sufficient not to poison themselves v a deep-dish pastry fill with heavy cream and egg yolks. Simply a horrible task by the worldwide stereotyping room on that one.

4 | Quail

Quail isn’t the good, it’s yes, really gamey and one bird doesn’t even really yield enough meat because that one person’s dinner. Therefore, I think this only ended up being a food due to the fact that hunters love shooting quails so lot that they necessary some kind of bullshit justification.

5 | Quahog

Everyone knows this word now, many thanks to Family Guy. A quahog is a kind of clam. Ns love steam clams. (And steam hams.)

6 | Quince

A quince is a fruit that looks sort of prefer a pear. According to the Jeopardy! scene of White men Can’t Jump… aka the motivation for this list… in the Garden the Eden, the forbidden fruit that Adam and also Eve ate was in reality a quince, no an apple.This might or might not it is in true, however really doesn’t it seems ~ worth suggesting about, because, like every Biblical debate, the actual scriptures text claims something totally generic and also innocuous and then thousands of human being read and also interpret and also misinterpret and also fight end what the really means. For example, ns looked the up: In this case, the holy bible never explained it as anything however “fruit.” currently let’s argue around that means for the next 500 years!

7 | Queso

I really gain dipping chips in queso, although I recognize four human being who got food poisoning native four different restaurants’ queso dips, thus providing it one of the greatest scarcity-to-potential-for-poisoning ratios of any type of food I deserve to think of.

8 | Quisp Cereal

I’ve never had actually it, however the bastion the reliability known as Wikipedia explains it together “a saucer-shaped, baked dough of corn meal and syrup.” sounds awesome.

9 | Quinine

This is the flavoring that provides tonic water taste choose tonic water. Interesting fact: ns don’t think I’ve ever had a sip that tonic water without one of two people gin or vodka combined in. And, in a short informal inspection of the six civilization I simply talked to, none of them had actually either. Do human being actually to buy tonic water to just sip in ~ home, or is it one of those things that only now exists together a mixer, like grenadine?

10 | Quaaludes-N-Cream

Serve it in ~ your next orgy! merely take part vanilla ice cream and mix in at the very least two bottles of quaaludes. Offer alone, or together the “a la mode” compliment to some Strawberry Rhubarbituate pie. (Yes, i was way too proud that myself for coming up with that bit of hilarious wordplay.)

11 | Quarantined Humans

If you’re ever before in a post-apocalyptic scenario wherein 98 percent of the human race is quarantined through a virus that’s spreading at unprecedented rates (for an example, see any type of science fiction movie in the past 5 years), and you survive, ~ a few months, feel free to transform to cannibalism and also just walk to town on quarantined humans. Make sure to broil them an excellent though, ya know, come kill any type of strains of the virus.

And as soon as you’re done, please pass on a “Hello” native me to will Smith, Clive Owen or whomever the soon-to-be-martyred hero of her post-apocalyptic human being turns out to be.

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