Windshield wipers not working — usual causes

If you conference a Windshield wipers not functioning situation, constantly start her diagnosis v the an easy things. For example. If it’s winter, probably your wipers space frozen come the windshield. Shot lifting the wiper blade off the windshield. Then shot turning ~ above the wipers. If that works, you’ve uncovered the problem. If there’s no wiper motor noise when turning on the wipers, start by checking because that an electrical issue.

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However, if you rotate on the wipers and can hear the engine running but the wipers don’t relocate or move only partially, skip come the bottom the this post.

Locate the windshield wiper fuse

The wiper fuse is usually located in the fuse box inside the passenger cabin. However, it is sometimes located in the underhood fuse box. Refer to your owner’s hand-operated for the exact location. Or, look below to watch if i’ve posted a list of fuse places for your vehicle.

Visually examine the windshield wiper fuse

Perform a intuitive examination the the fuse. Fuse. A swollen fuse will have a lacking or melted section of the fuse element (see image below).


Test fuses v a multimeter

If you don’t know which fuse powers her windshield wipers and also you have access to a multimeter, test the fuses making use of this method. Se the meter ~ above DC volts. Connect the black test result in a good ground. V the crucial in the operation position, touch the red result in both sides of every fuse. If the fuse is good, you’ll watch battery voltage on both sides of the fuse. A bad or puffy fuse will only present voltage top top one next of the fuse.


Check the wiper motor connection

Remove the electric connector native the wiper motor and check because that corrosion. Clean any type of corrosion and shot again. If the wipers quiet don’t work, check for battery voltage and great ground appropriate at the link using a multimeter. You might need a wiring diagram to recognize which wires it is provided power and ground.

If friend detect power and also ground in ~ the wiper engine connector but the wiper motor mirrors no signs of life once switched on, chances are the engine has burned out and must it is in replaced.

What reasons a wiper motor to fail?

Wiper knives are frozen come the windshield or hitting an obstruction

When the wipers stall because of freezing or hitting one obstruction (like a bicycle on her bicycle rack), the motor windings overheat and break.

Binding wiper linkage

There are multiple pivot point out in wiper linkage. Together those pivot point out wear out, lock can develop binding that increases stress top top the motor, causing it come overheat and fail.

Windshield wipers no working but can listen motor

A windshield wiper engine connects to wiper linkage and also that link moves the wiper arms. The linkage pivot clues can come to be worn or shed or can break. In addition, the wiper arm have the right to sometimes become loosened from the tapered/splined spindle. If just one wiper eight skips, chances are the retaining bolt has loosened and also the eight is slipping top top the tapered spindle. Shot tightening the retaining bolt. However, if this condition has gone on because that a while, chances are the spines space stripped off the wiper eight connection. Since the wiper arm link is made v a softer steel than the wiper spindle, it usually strips first. To solve this condition, just purchase a new wiper arm and also install that on the currently spindle.


If the skipping affect both wiper arms, chances are the linkage is worn. In some situations you can buy instead of pivot points (try, however often it’s finest to replace the entire linkage assembly.

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