Although overshadowed through the autumn of the Alamo, the Goliad Massacre asserted the resides of double as many Texas rebels.

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Although overshadowed through the loss of the Alamo, the Goliad Massacre claimed the stays of double as numerous Texas rebels.
As the ashes the the Alamo continued to smolder, Sam Houston feared another disaster might befall his Texas Army. Mexican pressures under basic Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna continued to sweep across Texas toward fort Defiance, the presidio in Goliad that had actually been seized by the rebels in October 1835 at the beginning of the battle for independence. Houston notified Colonel James W. Fannin to evacuate his 400-man force from Goliad and retreat to Victoria, a town 30 miles to the east behind the natural defense that the Guadalupe River. “The immediate advancement of the opponent may be confidently expected,” Houston warned Fannin. “Prompt activities are as such highly important.”


Fannin, however, short the exact same urgency together the assignment he obtained on march 14, 1836. The carefully bred, West Point-trained officer lingered for days together a 1,400-man military led through Santa Anna’s chef lieutenant, basic Jose de Urrea, close up door in on Goliad. Even if it is indecisive, stubborn or faithful to the rebels far on missions whom he did not want to abandon, Fannin remained in Goliad until the morning of march 19. By the time the colonel notified the retreat, that was also late. Urrea’s advancement riders had currently spotted the Texan defenses, and the main army was just hrs behind.

Even ~ above the move, Fannin’s long-delayed retreat progressed at a slow pace. When one of your carts dropped into the mountain Antonio River, the colonel told his males to halt and also retrieve it. Over the protests the his officers, Fannin likewise ordered his troops to avoid for much more than an hour to permit their cow to graze. If the breed cub ate, the rebels’ stomachs rumbled since they forgot come pack any type of food.

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When the Texans ultimately resumed their march in the afternoon, they easily encountered the mexico forces. Instead of taking cover in the nearby woods, Fannin notified his guys to kind a square on an open up prairie near Coleto Creek. V cannons stationed in ~ each edge of the square, the Texans held firm. Although shooting in the thigh, Fannin continued to lead the fight till darkness fell. Encircled by the enemy and low top top ammunition and water, the desperate Texans worked through the night to dig ditches and also haul i rejected carts, dead horses and also even please comrades come buttress the wall surfaces of your earthworks. As soon as dawn broke, however, so did the realization that the arrival of mexico reinforcements throughout the night had actually made their situation hopeless. Faced with annihilation, the Texans raised a white flag and were marched earlier to Goliad and incarcerated in the presidio chapel at fort Defiance together with other rebels caught in the surrounding area.


Fannin may have actually hoped, and even expected, the his men would be cure as detainees of war and given clemency. If Urrea offered him that guarantee, however, that did not have the strength to carry out so. A decree issued by Santa Anna in December 1835 ordered the all however, fighting versus the federal government would it is in treated together pirates and also executed. Urrea, however, urged his command to it is in lenient. “This display of generosity after a hotly contested engagement is worthy of the highest possible commendation,” Urrea wrote to Santa Anna, “and I deserve to do no less than to commend it to her Excellency.”