Even despite the surname Billy the Exterminator sounds prefer the surname of a movie-villain, that is no really the case. The surname belongs come a fact TV collection that aired throughout 2009 – 2017. Top by Billy, the series focused on the family-run pest-control for sure in the state that Louisianna. And also while there space several other pest manage firms in Louisianna, Billy is the only one who tackles pets of every kinds. The collection aired ~ above the A&E network and also focused top top tackling problems relating to insect control. In this article, we take a closer look at Billy Bretherton and his wiki-bio.

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Early Life:

William ‘Billy’ Bretherton to be born on the 16th the September 1968 in Louisiana USA. Born to big Bill and Donnie Bretherton, Billy has an enlarge brother, Ricky. Billy is really much a exclusive person and likes to save his comings and goings to himself. Together such, the hasn’t revealed any type of details around his household or his life farming up. Billy has additionally kept mum about his educational background.

Billy the Exterminators leading actors Billy Bretherton

Professional Career:

Aged 19, Billy made decision to join the army force and applied to the united state Air Force. The enntrance gate exam verified that Billy had actually an aptitude because that biology and entomology. The training provided by the united state Air force in the ar proved come be important to Billy so late in his career. During his time in ~ the force, Billy climbed come the position of senior Airman and was stationed at Nellis Air pressure Base, ras Vegas, Nevada.

After his time at the force, Billy relocated to Venton, Louisiana. He started his own agency by the surname of Vexcon Animal and also Pest Control. Billy revealed in an interview the his father invested his retirement money in the business. The keep was collectively run by the family and each member was allocated a details job. 

A TV career:

As Billy took treatment of few of the worst insect situations and animal removals, he came to be a family name in Louisianna. The new-found reputation brought new opportunities to Billy that was inquiry to appear in the reality series, Dirty Jobs. Billy made his TV debut in 2005 together Mike Rowe. The series documented human being with tough jobs. Billy’s figure in the collection impressed executive producers of the A&E TV that wanted to do a brand-new series through him. So, the idea that Billy the Exterminator pertained to light which adhered to Billy and also his family in pest control endeavors. The series was simply called The Exterminators at the start but was later renamed to Billy The Exterminator.

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Billy Bretherton: Billy The Exterminator

Why the series ended?

After a successful seven-season run, the producers of A&E traction the plug ~ above the series. The news came after Billy left his family business and also moved to Illinois in 2012. One of the significant reasons for Billy’s relocation was family issues. Without its lead off man, the collection crumbled and also ultimately came to a close. 

Personal Life:

Billy is in a happy marriage with his mam Mary. Also though mar made part appearances on the TV show, there is very small information top top her. It stays unknown regarding how and where the pair met and also got married. While we do recognize that the pair have actually a son, details around the boy remain unknown. 

In 2012, Billy had actually a tussle through the Louisianna Police when he was arrested for possessing marijuana. This was soon after the premiere that the 6th season. Billy was let off after a year of probation, good of 500 dollars, and community service. 

Net worth

Billy Bretherton network worth is estimated to be $500,000, greatly earned in “Billy the Exterminator” show, his Vexcon pest business, along with his occasional advertising deals, every one of which enable him to live a comfortable lifestyle.