'American hot Rod' Star: car Crash becomes Police Anthem versus Drunk drivers

'American warm Rod' Star vehicle Crash becomes Police Anthem against Drunk chauffeurs

"American hot Rod" star Duane Mayer has become the poster young for the consequences of drunk driving.

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Duane, who currently operates his own shop under the "American hot Rod" name, was hospitalized brand-new Year"s work after gift arrested for drunk driving.

Cops to speak Duane to be so wasted he dropped out of a 1932 Ford Coupe while it to be still moving ... At approximately 25 mph. His injuries are gnarly.

Photos of the wrecked pre-war Ford appeared on the Anaheim Police Department"s Facebook page with the warning, "Always point out a driver when drinking."

We got to out come Duane, who had no comment.

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Uber, Duane.

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