As a developer, I find it really pointless to have BC only items nowadays.

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I will define below…

Also, if this thread currently exists - sorry. I have tried to search it.Nothing really appeared.

BC exclusive items function was introduced somewhere in 2010-2012. ns don’t really remember.If girlfriend don’t have actually a builders Club, friend aren’t allowed to acquisition the item.

An example of such item is my Eyepatch. It expenses R$100.There’s countless other eyepatches, therefore why would this one it is in exclusive?

Reasons to totally remove this feature:

We currently have removed BC Groups and BC Games.So why are items staying there?It’s no like complimentary player can gain Tix anymore…They deserve to buy Robux, acquire paid through a team or merely make them indigenous development.

This was advertised as one of the BC Beta features.It’s 2019 already. Just how much does a “Beta” of item that might be NBC last?Unless we are talking about DayZ Standalone…

You can’t really find up the BC items.There is no home for that.

Builders society is progressively taking a developer approach.No doubt. Most of the players space “customers” though.

If is able to deal with this issue, it would make purchases way easier.We could likewise be able to market those items in-game to civilization who don’t own BC, yet bought Robux.


Gonna take it a leap here and shot to root because that ~ above this one. I’d prefer to very first address the BC groups thing: AFAIK, this is incorrect. Group owners still have actually the capability to set the group to BC only. Whether this works still is past me, however it’s still there.

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Now prior to I obtain into this monster rant, I’d choose to say the you’re most definitely correct about not producing a most BC-only content anymore. Why that is, is beyond me. Probably they discover it the existing content is enough?


Now, ns don’t know just how much revenue contractors Club generates in comparison to advertisement earnings / Robux purchases etc., however I absolutely do not see builders Club taking a “developer approach”.You must think about that home builders Club is the only method to receive Robux other than bald buying it, using group funds, or an appending a purchasable item to her game. The is certain a substantial reason come buy BC.

While i agree has been removing a the majority of BC-specific things, castle still need to give BC some kind of incentive. Take it a look at OBC - they’ve gotten rid of a pair of the significant things they had initially: Outrageous Cast, and Dark theme. However, whatever else about it stayed the same. 100 Robux. 100 Groups. 100 Places. But a major component was gone: the layout (it to be absolutely great ok.) currently there’s DevEx. Due to the fact that of this, if you want to it is in a developer v the will on capitalising top top, the only way you have the right to do this is through OBC. This is a brilliantly an excellent substitute to give OBC more incentive (not saying it wasn’t before! This is entirely subjective ~ above the consumer.)

So what i’m trying to gain here is, while few of us might not favor the BC just items, perse, it’s tho leverage for why a user should acquire BC. Ns remember when I was a lot younger lad recognize BC only items sort of cool due to the fact that it to be restricted. Same with the 13+ item (but those were simply cool in general!) whether that emotion is still reflect is beyond me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it were. A an excellent thing to ask is: What would implement to instead of its removal?