Victor Frankenstein Timeline and an overview

Victor shows up half-frozen and also dying on Walton"s ship and also tells a frankly insane story. Starting with his birth.He was born in Geneva to parental Alphonse and Caroline Frankenstein, and lived with his adopted sister/ future wife. Creeeepy. Obsessed v alchemy, that gets part unsettling ideas about science and nature, i m sorry blossom into a full-blown obsession with dominating death once his mother dies that scarlet fever only a couple of weeks prior to he leaves for college. Victor attends the college of Ingolstadt, where he"s a star pupil that chemistry and also natural philosophy.But scholastic glory isn"t enough: the takes his studies further, figuring out exactly how to produce the spark of life in a arsenal of corpse-parts which—surprise!—turns the end to be less awesome in practice than in theory. He runs away from the monster he"s created and also is sick because that months when his friend Henry Clerval takes care of him.He make the efforts to placed the totality thing behind him, yet the monster has other plans: Victor heads residence when that learns that his brother William has actually been murdered. Victor look at the monster in the woods top top the method home as soon as he is locked the end of the entrances of Geneva for the night; he realizes the monster killed William.It sounds c-r-a-z-y, therefore he doesn"t tell anyone—even once the Frankenstein family servant, Justine Moritz, is wrongly executed because that the crime.Full that remorse, Victor heads off into the mountains… where he runs into the monster, who provides him listen to a lengthy sob story about how Mommy—we mean, Victor—has destroyed his life.Victor reluctantly agrees to make the monster a female companion. When he in reality creates the she-monster, though, he has other ideas. That destroys it, dumps the human body in a lake, and also is timeless accused that murder as soon as he it s okay to shore. He it s okay sick again. This time, he"s sick in jail. Fun!When he recovers (and is clearing of charges), that heads earlier to Geneva come marry Elizabeth—but not without wonder what it meant when the monster vowed come be through him top top his wedding night. (For a genius, he"s quite dim.)On your wedding night, Victor is all ready to walk Rambo top top the monster—but the monster kills Elizabeth rather of him. (Obviously.)Frankenstein Sr. Die of grief, and also Frankenstein Jr. Swears to go after the monster everywhere the world.Which that does. All the way to the Arctic Ocean. Close to death, the boards Captain Walton"s ship. If resting, he tells Walton his story.He urges the ship not to offer up if it ever gets unstuck native the ice, which, considering how well non-saw pursuit worked out for him, is more than likely pretty poor advice.

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He dies.