Semen is a mix of fluids, including sperm and also water. Males create sperm complying with ejaculation indigenous the penis. Back swallowing semen is a reasonably safe and also common practice, there space some threats to be mindful of.

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Oral sex is a common kind of sex-related activity. Some people may reap swallowing semen as part of dental sex. Others may not feel comfortable law so. World may additionally feel uncomfortable about letting a partner taste or swallow your semen.

Open, moral communication in between sexual partners is essential. The can aid people feeling comfortable with one another and boost sexual satisfaction. It may likewise reduce feelings of self-consciousness.

Swallowing semen is not a necessary part of oral sex, and also a human should not feel pressure to carry out it if they do not great to.

This write-up will look in ~ the safety, benefits, and also risks the swallowing semen.

What is semen?

Share ~ above PinterestIn most instances, that is for sure to gulp down semen.
Semen is a mixture the fluids that come from different bodily glands. It consists of a range of components, consisting of sperm.

When a masculine ejaculates indigenous the penis, they develop semen, which contains water, protein, and tiny amounts the sperm.

The prostate contributes the complying with to semen:

citric acidacid phosphataseinositolzinc

The seminal vesicles add the complying with to semen:

fructoseascorbic acidprostaglandins

The ampulla of the vas deferens also contributes fructose.

Is it safe to sloop down semen?

It is generally safe come swallow semen. Nobody of the materials in semen are harmful. However, there room a few cases wherein it might not be for sure to sloop down semen.

Rarely, human being can be allergic to semen. This is recognized as seminal plasma hypersensitivity.

Because semen is a bodily fluid, the can also carry sexuallytransfer infections (STIs), such as HIV. People should ensure the they test because that STIs prior to engaging in any kind of sex-related activity. It is additionally important to have actually an open discussion around any potential STIs and also use obstacle methods of contraception to stop transmission.

Some world may believe that swallowing semen can an outcome in pregnancy, yet this is extremely unlikely. Pregnancy can only take place if semen comes into contact with and also is able come fertilize one egg.

Learn much more about pregnancy and oral sex here.

What walk semen consist of of?

Semen is composed of minimal quantities of sperm. The rest of it is protein, fructose, mucus, enzymes, water, vitamins, and also minerals.

Typical ejaculate deserve to fill around a teaspoon and only contains around 5–7 calories.

Although part people think that that is high in protein, the protein content in semen is negligible.

What does semen taste like?

Only a small section of semen is sperm. The other components are what send taste.

One the these materials is ergothioneine. Mushrooms regularly contain this antioxidant. This may give a slight mushroom-like taste to semen.

Despite plenty of anecdotal evidence, over there is no critical research mirroring that diet influence the taste the semen. Some human being suggest that fruit juice and vegetables improve the taste, while red meat, cheese, and also coffee might make that taste worse.

The taste the semen different from person to person. Some civilization describe the taste together being:

salty bittersweetmetallic musky

Certain lifestyle actions may alter the taste the semen by changing its composition. Because that example, a meta-analysis native 2016 uncovered that smoking lowers the top quality of semen and also alters its composition, i beg your pardon may affect the taste.

Also, some people may have actually health issues that affect their taste receptors. These world may analyze the odor of semen in different ways to others. Several of these health problems may include:

respiratory or center ear infectionsexposure to details drugs or chemicalshead injuriessurgery that the ear, nose, and also throat dental problems

Learn an ext about the taste that semen here.

As v taste, liquids other than sperm space what offer semen one odor. The odor of semen may change when it comes into contact with various other bodily fluids, such as urine and sweat.

It may likewise smell different if its pH balance is off. Typically, semen has a pH between 7.2 and 8.0. Once semen comes into call with the vagina, i beg your pardon is a slightly acidic environment, it may smell different.

As semen consists of mostly water, the may have actually no scent or a pass out smell. Because of the pH being slightly alkaline, some world report a smell similar to bleach or ammonia. Other components — such as fructose, magnesium, or calcium — may reason it to odor sweet, metallic, or salty.

The smell of semen must not be pungent. A solid odor, such as a fishy smell, can be a symptom the a problem, such together an infection.

Learn much more about the smell of semen here.

There has been little research into the health and wellness benefits the swallowing semen.

Many nutritional claims about semen are false. Since people produce a tiny amount of ejaculate, the is unlikely that anyone will certainly consume enough for it to have any kind of discernible wellness effects.

One noteworthy study from 2002 says a link in between semen exposure and mood. Females that had direct exposure come semen had fewer symptom of depression.

However, the examine did not consider other factors that may add to improved mood, consisting of sexual activity itself.

Another tiny study native 2003 links prolonged exposure come sperm to a reduction in the hazard of preeclampsia. However, an ext research is crucial to check this link.

There is a risk associated with engaging in dental sex there is no a barrier an approach of contraception. If who swallows the semen of a person with an STI, they may contract that themselves.

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The complying with is a perform of STIs that civilization can contract by engaging in oral sex without using a barrier method:


Factors that may rise a person’s threat of contracting one STI through oral sex include:

having open sores in or approximately the vul or mouthhaving poor oral hygiene having exposure to the preejaculate or semen the someone with an STI

However, the Centers for condition Control and also Prevention (CDC) describe that the hazard of transmitting an STI such as HIV through dental sex is low.

People can limit their risk of contracting STIs through dental sex by using obstacle methods of contraception, such together condoms. Castle can also make sure that they and also their partner(s) test frequently for STIs.

A small portion of human being in the United claims are allergy to semen. If these human being swallow it, they may experience an allergy reaction.

People through a semen allergy deserve to use prophylactics to protect against coming into call with it. Steady desensitization is another possible treatment for this sort of allergy, follow to one 2011 study.