Reggie Bush is a former American soccer player. His full name is Reginald Alfred shrub Jr.

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Reggie, a former USC standout, Heisman winner, and also a struggle on the NFL scene is method too crazy about football.

Bush earned consensus All-American honors twice. Reggie likewise won the Heisman Trophy as the most exceptional player in the entire nation during his college time at USC. However, the trophy to be forfeited later.

The award to be seized since he was accused of receiving improper services while in school. This was a painful experience for Reggie however a lesson to many.

The New OrleansSaints drafted him 2nd overall in the 2006 NFL Draft. Reggie invested two years through the Miami Dolphins before joining the Detroit Lions in 2013.

Mr. Shrub has likewise played for other NFL teams prefer Buffalo Bills and also San Francisco 49ers. He played college football in ~ the college of southerly California.

Reggie Bush

Reggie bush won Super bowl XLIV in 2010 over the Indianapolis Colts. that was named an All-Pro punting returner in 2008. The famous football running back was also listed as number one running approximately in the country in 2003.

Reggie shrub is motivation to players and also was constantly adored through USC fans. Reggie announced his retirement in the year 2017, after playing 11 years in NFL.

Let us know an ext about Reggie’s bio, early life, career, college, high school, net worth, awards, wife, and more.

Quick Facts:

Full NameReginald Alfred shrub Jr.
Birth DateMarch 02, 1985
Birth PlaceSpring Valley, California, united States
Celebrated NameReggie Bush
EducationUniversity of southerly California
Zodiac SignPisces
Father’s NameReggie bush Sr.
Mother’s NameDenise Griffin
SiblingsJavon Griffin (Step-Brother)
Age36 year Old
Height6ft 0 inches
Weight93 kg.
Shoe SizeNo information available
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Body Measurement5ft 6 inches
SpouseLilit Avagyan
ProfessionRetired football Player
PositionRetired Running back football Player
Jersey number#5(USC Trojans), #25 (New olions Saints), #21(Detroit Lions), #22(Miami Dolphins), #23(San Frnacisco49ers),#22(Buffalo Bills)
Net Worth$40 Million
ChildrenBriseis, Uriah, Agyemang
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter, Facebook
MerchJersey, USC card, Posters, new Orleans Saints Jersey, Autographs
Last UpdateSeptember, 2021

Reggie shrub | beforehand Life, Family, Education

Reggie Bush to be born ~ above March 2, 1985, in feather Valley, California, the USA. Also, he was named after his biological father name Reginald Alfred Bush, Sr.

His mother’s name is Denise Griffin, and also his father’s surname is Reggie bush Sr. Not to mention, he also has a stepfather called Lamar Griffin.

Reggie is an American National and belongs to the African-American country group. Bush’s race is black, and his zodiac sign is Pisces. Likewise, he adheres to Christianity as his religion.

Reggie Bush constantly wanted to be a football player ever due to the fact that he was a child. Reggie had a very content childhood.

Reggie’s parental were really supportive the him as they believed in him. This is why they to be all an extremely close and also shared a special family members bond.

Reggie’s parents backed him financially till he to be stable sufficient to perform it himself. The previous NFL star grew up alongside his step-brother, Javon Griffin.

On the various other hand, Reggie bush completed his high institution at the Helix High college in La Mesa, California. Reggie played for his high school American football team.

After he graduated from high school, Reggie acquired an athletic scholarship to to visit the University of southern California.

Reggie shrub played for the Trojans in ~ the University of southern California indigenous 2003 to 2005. that played for the Trojans under head coach Pete Carroll.

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Reggie bush | football Career and Achievements

Reggie bush got elected for his senior season in ~ USC top top January 12, 2006, and declared self eligible for the NFL Draft.

The brand-new Orleans Saints decided the Californian with the 2nd overall choose in the 2006 NFL Draft. He was the second-highest-paid player in NFL endorsement deals, amounting to virtually US $5 million every annum.

In his debut video game with his NFL career, Reggie Bush built up 141 total yards versus the Cleveland Browns. after ~ the game, shrub was fined $5,000 through the NFL because that taunting, for which he apologized later.

Reggie Bush

Bush and the Saints lost to the defending Super key champion Indianapolis Colts in the opening game of the 2007 season by 41-10.

He completed with six total touchdowns and also 581 yards rushing to the end up of the season, averaging 3.6 yards per carrying.

Reggie sprained the medial collateral ligament the his left knee top top December 11, 2008. later in January 2009, the New orleans Saints shown that Reggie had surgery top top his left knee and also would call for months the treatment.

Due to a calf injury and also to rest his operation repaired knee, bush missed the last three games of the 2009 preseason.


The debate over his Heisman Trophy surpassed Bush’s 2010 season. that was likewise in problem on other matters regarded his years at USC.

Reggie completed the 2010 season through 150 rushing yards and 34 receptions for 208 yards and also a receiving touchdown.

The running ago switched to Miami Dolphins on July 28, 2011. In the 2011 season, he finished with 1,086 rushing yards, six rushing touchdowns, 43 receptions, 296 receiving yards, and one receiving touchdown.

In his 2012 season, Reggie had 986 rushing yards, 6 rushing touchdowns, 35 receptions, 292 receiving yards, and also two receiving touchdowns.

Reggie signed a 4-year transaction worth $16 million through $4 million with the Detroit Lions top top March 13, 2013. That did really well v his sporting activities as always until the Lions exit him on February 25, 2015.

San Francisco 49ers signed that on March 18, 2015. Bush’s had a 1-year contract because that $2.5 million, with $500,000 guaranteed, and also a $500,000 signing bonus.

On September 14, 2015, in the 49ers season opener versus the Minnesota Vikings, he had actually to leave the video game with a foot injury.


On August 1, 2016, Reggie shrub signed a 1-year address the Buffalo Bills. bush played in addition to NFL star Glenn Gronkowski for Buffalo Bills.

He ended the season with seven captures for 90 yardsand 12 carries for -3 yards and a rushing touchdown.

With this, he provided himself as the first player in NFL history, other than quarterbacks, to bring the ball a minimum the ten times.

Reggie bush announced his retirement native the NFL top top December 15, 2017, after ~ the season.

Bush deserve a many of success and awards transparent his career. He was awarded the 2005 Walter Camp Award and also the 2005 Doak pedestrian Award.

In 2005, Reggie was called the Pigskin Club the Washington D.C. Offensive Player the the Year.

He is the 17th player in NCAA background to attain over 2,000 all-purpose yards twice (2,330 yards in 2004 and 2,890 yards in 2005).

Reggie shrub was featured top top the covering of NCAA football 2007, exit on July 18th, 2006. bush was likewise ranked No. 24 on ESPN’s 25 biggest Players in College Football listing.

Summary job Stats


Who is Reggie Bush’s wife? Relationships, Wife, Kids

The bills running ago relationship standing has changed to married due to the fact that 2014. Reggie bound the knot v Lilit Avagyan.

Lilit is an Armenian call dancer and dance teacher. The couple share three children, an elder daughter, and two younger boys.

Riggie’s wife, Avagyan, offered birth come an elder daughter, Briseis Bush, ~ above May 6, 2013. After providing birth to a daughter, the pair decided to obtain married and also took a vow ~ above July 12, 2014.

Bush through his wife.

Reggie and also Lilit married in mountain Diego, California. The younger son, Uriah, to be born ~ above July 12, 2015, and also the various other one, Agyemang, was born on September 2, 2017.

The pair is celebrating your married life a lot. Prior to getting married, Reggie date WWE Diva Eve Torres while he was still at USC. That then started dating Kim Kardashian.

The relationship started after Matt Leinart introduced them in ~ the 2007 ESPY Awards.

Kim and Reggie be separated on July 27, 2009, and also got earlier together ~ above September 28, 2009. bush was additionally adoringly linked with nation singer Jessie James in 2010.

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Reggie shrub | net Worth & Salary

Reggie bush has earned a same amount the money prior to his retirement from his football career.

Back in 2006, He additionally signed contracts with Pepsi, basic Motors, Adidas, Pizza Hut, and theSubway restaurant chain. Shrub must have earned a fair amount v these contracts.

On May 15, 2006, Bush likewise donated $50,000 to lend a hand in keeping divine Rosary High school from closing.

The institution was a Catholic college for student with learning disabilities. Shrub has aligned v skincare firm Barc.

Reggie was also a spokesperson for the product in 2012. as reported through some digital sites, he has a network worth of $40 million as of 2021.

Apart indigenous this, Reggie also posses numerous assets; he has actually several properties about the country. Bush has purchase a home worth end $ 5 million in Oakland County, USA.

Reggie additionally donated half of the amount that he obtained from selling his jersey to hurricane Katrina victims. Various other than these, he additionally loves luxuries and sporty cars prefer Bentley, Lamborghini Aventador, and also Ferrari.

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How old is Reggie Bush? Age, height & body measurements

The former experienced football player is 36 year old together of 2021.

Reggie bush has one athletic construct body build. He is a handsome guy with a tall height of 6 ft 0 in or 1.83m.

Reggie has actually a bodyweight the 93 kg or 205 lb. However, his other body dimensions such as chest size, belt size, biceps dimension are unknown.

On the whole, Reggie shrub has a charming personality v a healthy body. Further, his eyes space dark brown. He has actually black-colored hair.

Social Media Presence:

Reggie shrub is active on various social media platforms prefer Instagram, Twitter, and also Facebook.

He is really popular amongst his fans and also has 669k followers on his Instagram, 2.5M followers on his Twitter, and much more than 2M followers top top his on facebook accounts.

Some FAQs:

Is Reggie bush retired?

Reggie bush retired from his football career in 2017.

How long was Reggie Bush’s NFL career?

Reggie bush played 11 seasons in the nationwide Football League(NFL).

How lot is a Reggie bush rookie map worth?

Reggie Bush’s rookie map price arrays from $4.99$17.96.

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What to be Reggie Bush’s 40-yard dash time?

Reggie Bush’s 40-yard dash to be 4.33 seconds.