Even prior to I acquired into creating the Night Buddies books I to be a pan of Roald Dahl—author of publications including Charlie and also the coco Factory, Matilda, and James and also the giant Peach. The is known as one of the 20th century’s finest children’s authors, and I can certainly say that as a reader his publications never failed to captivate my imagination and also pull me inside the stories; he had me hooked indigenous his an initial word to his last. But when i took ~ above the job of creating my own book series, I began looking come Roald Dahl not only as my favourite author, but also as one of my greatest writing inspirations.

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Dahl began his composing career by writing down the points that he knew. His very first published story was around his experience as a fighter pilot in world War II, and also his very first children’s book, The Gremlins, was around “mischievous small creatures that were part of RAF folklore.” This is whereby I learned my very first lesson in storytelling: composing what girlfriend know, even in books that take place in worlds far indigenous reality, will constantly get friend the ideal results. In Night Buddies, also though the books are entirely fictional, I had actually to usage emotions, situations, and species of relationships that i knew in mine life in bespeak to make them come lively on the page.

Books prefer Charlie and also the chocolate Factory with children due to the fact that they space unique, they room told indigenous the voices of kids who different from the norm, and also they use an ext imagination than most civilization could ever dream of having. Dahl didn’t feel the should make every little thing in his books “pretty,” the way some children’s writer do, and is in truth known because that his dark humor and sometimes grotesque scenarios. This sort of writing inspired me to create the Night Buddies publications in the many real, authentic method I knew. The creativity he used in his stories influenced me to save thinking further exterior the box in order to create books I can now say ns am proud to have actually written and feel i was sure that children will love.


“I have actually a enthusiasm for teaching youngsters to end up being readers, to come to be comfortable with a book, not daunted. Publications shouldn’t be daunting, they should be funny, exciting and also wonderful.”

This quote through Dahl stuck with me transparent my composing experience, and should inspire any kind of of friend attempting to compose your very own children’s books. In the procedure of composing a book, periodically it is basic to get recorded up in using exceptional language or trying to come up v sweeping universal themes, but remembering the what youngsters need is a publication that they are going to have fun reading makes the whole writing process much less intimidating, and constantly leads to a far better book being written.

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If girlfriend haven’t read one of his books, I imply you drop everything and go pick one up now. You’ll be a happy reader—and a better writer—for it.