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Let’s speak you have a yellow wedding ring the you would like to offer or recycle. Let’s additionally say the weighs 10 grams, i m sorry is nice typical. So just how much yellow is in it, and also what is that worth?

The an initial question to answer is, just how much pure, 24K gold does that contain? (The 24K designation means pure gold.) below things obtain a little facility and call for some calculation. But here’s what you must know:.

24K gold, as provided above, is pure, 100% gold. Yet no wedding rings room made of gold this pure since 24K is an extremely soft and can easily be damaged

18K gold is around 75% gold and 25% various other metals.

14K gold Is around 58% gold and also 42% various other metals.

10K gold is around 42% gold and 58% other metals.

How have the right to You call the Karat Rating of her Ring?

There must be a Karat rating stamped somewhere within the ring – it will say 10K, 14K, 18K, etc.

How do You Calculate exactly how Much Pure 24K yellow Is in her Ring?

You usage the Karat percentages we provided just over to identify the quantity of 24K yellow in your ring. Using the example that we cited in the first paragraph over – that your ring weighs 10 grams - that would typical that . . .

If her ring is made of 24K yellow (which we are willing to bet will certainly not it is in the case), it includes 10 grams that pure gold.

If your ring is make of 18K gold, it has 7.5 grams of pure gold and also the rest of the is consisted of of other metals.

If your ring is do of 14K gold, it includes 5.8 grams that pure gold and the remainder of it is made up of other metals.

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If your ring is do of 10K gold, that contains about 4.2 grams the pure gold and also the remainder of the is made up of various other metals.

Okay, exactly how Much Is the gold in her Ring Worth?

Here, girlfriend will must take out your calculator again, because you need to transform those grams right into Troy Ounces. Why? due to the fact that Troy Ounces space the measure the is used to report existing trading price on the London Fix. But the great news is, girlfriend can uncover online calculators that will convert grams to troy Ounces, and also it will take just a second.

You will certainly find, because that example, that your 10 gram wedding ring weighs 0.32151 trojan Ounces. And with gold right now trading for $1,877.20 per trojan Ounce top top the London Fix, you can work your calculations earlier from there.

If she confused, speak to our precious steel consultants at 800-426-2344 and we will help you.

But What about those “Other” Metals?

As we composed above, 18K yellow is about 75% gold and also 25% various other metals; 14K Is around 58% gold and 42% other metals; and also 10K yellow is about 42% gold and also 58% other metals.

So, what space those “other metals,” and also don’t they influence the value of her ring? that’s a an extremely smart question to ask, due to the fact that they do. If, because that example, copper or zinc are component of the mix, they no very valuable metals and also don’t advanced the value. If at the same time silver is part of the mix, that is a precious steel that can add an extra bit of worth to your ring. Note too that in plenty of cases, those “extra” metals have been favored to impart shade to the alloy, leading to pink gold, white gold, increased gold, etc.

Confused? don’t be. Remember, us are right here to market advice and also test her precious steel items to determine their precise content and value. Give us a call at 800-426-2344 to find out more.

And one more piece of advice. Protect against the believed that you’ll simply “take the ring to a regional jewelry save or yellow refinery close to me and also let castle tell me what the worth.” In many cases, her local resource will just test your ring utilizing a tiny gold trial and error kit and will speak something like, “I will provide you $75.00 for it.” To gain the complete value that the gold that is in the ring you own, you should consult with an expert who will explain the considerations we have written around in our post today. It is why ours consultants are below for you.