In English the main title that a priest continues to be "Reverend" and also has been so for thousands of years.

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While most commonly Catholic priests are dubbed “father,” their main title in the English language is “Reverend.” This also extends come deacons and also even some women’s religious orders (such together the ax “Reverend Mother”).

According come the Encyclopedia Britannica, “In the 15th century it was offered as a basic term that respectful address, but it has actually been habitually supplied as a location prefixed come the names of ordained clergymen because the 17th century.”

The word deserve to be traced come the Latin reverendus, which essentially means “to it is in respected.” In this means the indigenous “Reverend” is merely a word that honors one individual who is to be respected. In the Catholic Church over there are even various “levels” the “Reverend,” denoting the various levels the the Catholic hierarchy.

For example, if a parish monk is called “Reverend,” a local dean, or leader the a particular region in a diocese, is dubbed “Very Reverend,” and bishops are called Most Reverend.”

Also, because it is no a location referring to a person’s ordination, it have the right to be offered in various other contexts, such as in women’s spiritual orders. A “Reverend Mother” is just a title that mirrors respect to the leader that a ar of nuns.

Many good news Christian denominations usage the term for their religious leaders, again reinforcing the fact that that is no tied to divine Orders, however only provided as a term of respect.

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