Do you love to dance? then you will find it extremely beneficial to find out a few idioms, words and also expressions in the English language that relate come dancing.

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I’m sure you’ve checked out the renowned American movie Dirty Dancing and enjoyed the town hall Patrick Swayze, and also Jennifer Grey move together therefore gracefully.

After the town hall the movie, you wanted to authorize up because that dance classes, didn’t you?

10 Fascinating dance Idioms and also Phrases in English

Here space our 10 favorite idioms, phrases, and also expressions related to dancing in the English language.

1. Run the night away

To dance every night long: We space going to dance the night away, and also you are welcome to join us if girlfriend wish.

2. To boogie

To run to quick pop or rock-n-roll music: avoid complaining! let’s boogie!

3. Strut your stuff

To dance confidently ~ above the run floor and show off your dancing skills: Matt always struts his stuff. Some civilization consider the to be a good dancer.

4. Burn increase the run floor

To run in an enthusiastic and lively method on the dance floor: Nina burned up the dance floor in ~ Linda’s party last Sunday.

5. Dancing on air

To be incredibly happy: mine husband to be dancing on wait after he got a promotion.

6. Put on your dancing shoes

To acquire ready to dance, as at a party or other event: don’t forget to placed on her dancing shoes! It will certainly be a good party.

7. Have two left feet

This expression is used to define a human who is not a very great dancer: The point is, I have two left feet. It is why you should ask someone else to the prom.


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8. A sluggish dance

A dance the is excellent slowly since the tempo of the music is slow. It indicates that the track is slow and romantic, and also the man and woman hold each other tightly together they run together: castle looked therefore romantic dancing their very first slow dance.

9. Dance cheek to cheek

To run close together, with the partners’ heads (cheeks) nearby or touching: Sandy and also Peter to be dancing cheek to cheek once someone knocked ~ above the door.

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10. All-singing, all-dancing

This hatchet is offered to describe high-tech tools with the latest an innovation and every the latest features: Bob proved us his brand-new all-singing, all-dancing computer.