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HP LaserJet pro 400 MFP M425>Fax>Configure send fax settings>Set special dialing symbols and also options>Set a dialing prefix
Set a dialing prefixA dial prefix is a number or group of number that room automatically added to the beginning of every faxnumber you go into at the manage panel or from the software. The maximum number of characters because that a dialprefix is 50.The default setting is Off. You can want to turn this setup on and enter a prefix if, for example, girlfriend haveto dial a number such together 9 to gain a phone call line external of your agency telephone system. While thissetting is active, you can dial a fax number without the dial prefix by using hand-operated dial.

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1.From the Home display on the product regulate panel, touch the Setup button.2.Touch the Fax Setup menu.3.Touch the basic Setup menu.4.Scroll to and also touch the Dial Prefix button, and also then touch the top top button.5.

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Use the keypad to go into the prefix, and then touch the ok button. You have the right to use numbers, pauses, anddialing symbols.
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