Introduction to horse Pens

A steed pen is a round or square enclosure provided to train and exercise her horse. Round pens are much more popular 보다 square because that a few reasons, however primarily since of the fact that the round shape avoids the equine from gaining stuck in a corner. The ring shape likewise helps your horse focus and keep its eyes on you fairly than spring around and also getting distracted, make it really effective because that training. Horse pens are an excellent for exercising and riding her horse, however keep in mind the if your horse is young, don’t overdo it! Too lot exercise have the right to hurt their joints, so start out slow and also talk through your veterinarian come make certain you aren’t working them as well hard.

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If you desire to train and bond through your horse, building your own equine pen is a good idea. Usage the information in this post and also the infographic for every the details you need to get started. Think us, your horse(s) will certainly be eternally grateful!


When it comes to structure a steed pen, you have a the majority of options. From differing brands and materials, to portability and also stability, you can manage the result of your equine pen depending on your certain wants and also needs, as well as your budget.

Unless the area you setup to construct your equine pen in is spanned in dirt, you’ll need to include sand and/or gravel footing. Picking a material for your equine pen’s footing can vary from human to person, equine to horse, and even climate come climate. If your horses eat in your pen, using sand deserve to be perhaps dangerous as there is the opportunity that they may ingest few of the sand as they eat their feed. Footing helps to save your horse elevated a few inches off of the ground, maintaining them cleaner and out that mud once it rains.

Other offers you can need include a shovel and also rake to distribution the gravel/sand, a posthole digger, a write-up slammer (for metal posts), wire to tighten metal posts, etc. All of these supplies, consisting of fencing and also gates, have the right to be discovered at your local Shoppers it is provided store.

Determine Pen Size

Your horse pen can be everywhere from 30 come 120 feet in diameter, with 50 come 60 feet being the many common. The dimension of your steed pen will depend on a few key factors:

How much an are do friend have? If you have lots the land and your spending plan permits, giving your horses more space is definitely not a poor thing. However, the bigger the horse pen, the more work that will need to maintain.How many horses will enter the steed pen? number of horses plays a huge role in determining how large to do your steed pen. Friend don’t desire them to be crammed into a pen that is too small, so take that into consideration.What will your steeds do in the pen? some owners like to ride and exercise their steeds inside the pen, when others perform that outside of the pen. If you are planning on your steeds being much more active within the pen, a larger an are will it is in needed.

When measure the one enclosure, don’t forget to add room for the gate! This is a typical mistake that will certainly leave you frustrated and wishing you had actually remembered our tip. So, once you room measuring, don’t forget to incorporate the gate in her measurements. That is one mistake you carry out not desire to make!


Determining exactly how much fencing you require for your horse pen will count on the length of your panels and also diameter the the holding area. Usage our diagram together a guideline. The fence should be 5 come 6 feet high in ~ a minimum. Higher is better to avoid your steed from jumping the end of the pen or gaining distracted while you are trying come train. Protect against by your neighborhood Shoppers Supply keep to pick up your supplies.


The pen have to be in a dry area the isn’t at risk to flooding. If friend don’t have a level area, you’ll desire to job-related to make the area you setup to construct your horse pen top top level former to building anything. If you don’t, you’ll danger flooding the steed pen, and you definitely don’t desire that to happen.

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Leveling your Land

Leveling your land is absolutely a huge task, yet like we claimed earlier, it is a requirement when building a equine pen. Come start, note off the area you desire to level by surrounding the space with wooden posts. 4 total, one in every corner. Next you’ll want to connect strings connecting the 4 wooden posts together. Affix the strings a few inches over the floor so the you can easily measure the difference and also determine which areas need to be raised or lowered. From here, you’ll be able to use a rake and shovel to begin raising and lowering the land. If you have actually grass, us recommend removed the grass prior to you begin — it will make it much simpler to carry out the actual leveling. As soon as your floor is leveled, offer it a couple of days come rest. If it doesn’t rain during that time, lightly hose the area so that the land deserve to settle properly.

Steps to construct Your steed Pen

Measure the area making use of a measure tape and start at the facility to develop a perfect circle—add enough room for the gateAdd a great of gravel and also sand come the area (optional)Insert the posts at an ideal distance because that the panelsInstall the gateMove the panels and also line increase in positionConnect the panels togetherMake certain the pen is secureStart training!

Now you have actually the basics to acquire started building and using your own steed pen. Protect against by Shoppers it is provided in Apache Junction or Chandler for steed supplies and get beneficial advice on structure a pen from ours knowledgeable team!